THINK PINK!: How To Properly Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

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How To Properly Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Today we must host a healthy conversation about an ugly set of words that bring non-chic effects: Breast Cancer. This cause is important to me, obviously, because I am woman (hear me roar, sorry couldn't resist), I come from a family full of women and I clearly have a whole slew of girlfriends I mean why else would I have a Social Club? & this hideous beast, this breast cancer as they call it, has the full potential to harm any one of us at given moment. It in fact has unflinchingly harmed & attempted to take the lives of a few women that I know and love and being so heinous as to make off with one. But it is with great gratitude towards the heavens that I report that the survival rate of those whom I know personally, who've come into close contact with breast cancer, is impressively highly and in order to keep it that way I'll use my voice and platform to raise awareness and make whatever contributions I may toward the cure.

So with that said today (and every other day) we here at DBXCO. stand in complete solidarity with our sisters, mothers, aunts, cousins, grandmothers, and friends speaking up loudly, frankly, and clearly about the realities of this gruesome beast, in a strong attempt to further spread awareness and contribute to a cure for the cause: physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. We do this while shaping a full understanding of the fact that breast cancer has no bias, every healthy tit is a target. Let us not be afraid, let us instead get into it.

How To Properly Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Well obvi fearlessly, remembering that most things can be defeated and shall be done so with great STYLE & major GRACE


Dressing your thoughts up in facts such as

and then proceeding to dress your body up in Think Pink battle ready attire, items that when purchased give a percentage of it's proceeds to the FTBC. Things such as a Factory Margaret Satin Romper paired with Rebecca Minkoff's 'Riley' Sandal. Or A Jill Stuart Aydan Floral Mini or even a Phillip Lim Jacquard Mini paired with a set of Embellished Miu Miu's or the Rebecca Minkoff Riley's In Black, or perhaps a Pink Feather Trimmed Body Con paired with Alexandre Birman's Clarita Suede Sandal or even something sans heel like a Factory Sleek Havoc Satin Romper paired with a Factory Mesh Corsage for the neck in addition to what really should be the official DBXCO. simple Think Pink Shoe The Kate Spade Rose Gold Keds.


You should proceed to doll yourself up in one of these ensembles as you host le crew & a necessary round of healthy discussions about all things breast cancer over pink ladies and glasses of Rosé

whilst imploring every woman in attendance to check up on their breast health via those God forsaken but super necessary mammograms

As things like Beyoncé's "Check On It"

& Pink's "Just Like Fire" plays the backdrop

and you trade inspiring stories and perhaps even surreal tales of breast cancer journeys and the effects that they've had on your life or the lives of those you know. You do this candidly as the conversation is also subtly peppered by the stories of women in the public eye who've had battles with this BC Beast, women like Guliana Rancic, Wanda Sykes, Christina Applegate, and Cynthia Nixon.

You also work in the crafting of some form of a Think Pink Emergency Checklist that should hold the instructions for you and le crew should any one of you fall ill with breast cancer (or any serious illness for that matter). Said list should host things like rotating occasional dinner party duties , a feel good movie & book list, and an approved list of non aggravating public outings to partake in, in order to boost morale during that time, like day trips to the local museum, and green tea- tea parties at a nearby rose garden or park. 

You close the conversation with a solid understanding that no weapon formed against you shall prosper in addition to noting the fact that: style and grace make an elevating difference for every experience at the end of each day, which is why we always say here: "It's not just about what you do but rather how you do it.;)"

'Think Pink!' To Do List Guide:

Darling 'Newly Minted Mini Breast Cancer Advocate' Bonnie

Have you had an experience with the beast they call breast cancer ? Please do tell us all about it below. & let us know when you're planning on hosting a Think Pink Party!


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