Riding In Cars With Boys (Or Girls): How To Properly Ride Uber

How To Properly Ride Uber

We are Uber gals in this social club and no this is not a sponsored post, in fact not one of my post are sponsored unless otherwise stated, I just like to tell ya in great detail how we do it over here. Yes of course I could of generically made this post about riding with any app service but as you can tell by now I am addicted to detail and only speak of that which I've had experience with. So this is nothing personal against Lyft or any other service, in fact a few of the Social Club Girls and I met an amazing Lyft driver 2 years ago outside of a Safeway near Ocean Beach during the Outside Lands Festival and she allowed us to tour their Mercedes Benz Sprinter turned Lyft Karaoke Club & gave us a few free goodies just for being us, sweet gal! We also have a gal in the club who was a start up member on the Flywheel team & as a result we attended their absolutely Darling opening event at the ever posh Matrix about 3 years back.

However, I came in this whole hail a car by app game on this Uber horse and it's been a winner thus far & so as a result this is the one that I am currently sticking with.

And so, as having had so much experience gallivanting around town via Uber within the last few years I've obviously learned (or created however you prefer to look at it) a thing or 12 about the best way to get a worthwhile experience out of an Uber ride. So without further ado lets get uberly social shall we?

How To Properly Ride Uber

Well obviously super socially & charmingly


Hailing an Uber post cocktails at a swank hotel bar

Do this with a full understanding that communication is key going forward. For example if the uber app states that your driver should be there in 5 and 15 minutes later you're still waiting do not hesitate to whip out that rose gold & call with questions, chances are they're right out front. . . .  But they may not be out front of where you are so get that situation under control via a phone call stat. 

Naomi Campbell Image Source: The Daily Beast

Once connected hop in, in the friendliest manner treating your driver as they should be treated like the amazing friend who just agreed to rescue you from yourself after cocktail number 3 because "I just gotta DUI" isn't your idea of enlightening dinner conversation. Address this person by the name displayed on your Uber app and proceed to get to know them asking questions like:

And don't just ask these questions in a robotic monotone, get interested, genuinely follow their story and add some humor in there, nothing like a chic laugh between strangers to make you feel as if you're old friends as oppose to two awkward unknowns living in a futuristic age where you can order a car by app on a touch screen phone.

Things To Be Mindful Of:

Just because we've ordered them they don't owe us anything more then a quiet ride in a clean car. Also be mindful of the fact that these people may know your city better then you know your city at this point being that they now often brave it's mean streets daily with every sort of passenger one could think of, learn from them:

  • Low key hot spots
  • High key popular spots that should be avoided
  • And the general vibe that they're getting from people around your city right now.

Host this conversation in a causal fashion as you pepper in tid bits & extra questions about travel, film, music, celebrity, city facts, and environmental thoughts. The idea here is to craft an experience, gain knowledge, potentially ward off any ideas of kidnapping, engage in a full on conversation, & just generally make an easy friend or at the very least an Uber Homie acquaintance. Anyways who knows you may be building a life long friendship with someone you'd invite to the Thanksgiving table! 

The moral of the story here is: Get a ride, make a friend. (and shop the Shopbop Event Of The Season sale obviously)!

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