PRACTICAL MAGIC: How To Properly Have A High Style Halloween

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How To Properly Have A High Style Halloween

It looks as if it's that time of year again guys & dolls. I know, I know where does time go in such a hurry anyways. It was def just New Years and now here we are again at the gateway drug to the holiday season, Halloween. 

But whosoever said that All Hallows' Eve was just a missable night for kids to get sugar high or chocolate wasted on, or for parents to get advanced Party Bag Paranoia over or simply just for sluts to accessorize their average scantily clad attire with cat, mouse, and/or bunny ears during, was tragically mistaken. There is plenty of fun to be had by all even us upscale gals who love a civilized time with a chicly wild crowd. And naturally I'm here to guide the way. So shall we get to it? We Shall!

How To Properly Have A High Style Halloween

Well Obvi Magically


Making this a complete evening of sorcery, baring in mind all the while that though average mugels have long thought you normal you've in fact been practicing magic longer then they can imagine and that magic has a name: GLAMOUR. You'll exhibit this by costuming your body in some highly inspired and excitingly divine thematic creation that you've crafted from fashionable pieces that can be worn on day's far beyond just October 31st. 

You'll be individually bewitching

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or getting crafty with the girls & forming a cunning little coven

And selecting an alias for your All Hallows' Eve Alter Ego, while dolling yourself up in enchanting attire to craft the perfect witchy look with such as:

A Joy Latex Pencil Dress , A Factory All Over It Cape Dress, or Self Portraits Velvet Bow Lace Cape number, or perhaps even just a simple Turtle Neck Jersey Swing,  or A Zhivago Sheer Split Ensemble, or even A 2 Piece Choker Velvet Mesh Bodycon, or A Foil Plunge Lace Midi really any of these (which are pictured below), will work well as a Halloween treat.

You'll obviously need hats something like a Soho Wide Brim or Agent Provocateur's Thelma and no witch is complete without boots something like Jeffery Campbell's Elphie's or Nasty Gal's Take A Hike, or a simple Patent Leather Ankle Boot could do the trick well.

This is all to be very well accessorized with things like the perfect Witchy Make Up Job!

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& perhaps even some form of a luxe prop broom, and one mustn't forget the proverbial witch tights.

The idea here is to be highly stylish, inventive, and imaginatively fun while bridging the gap between your inner child and current adult making this moment a happy medium for both. You'll transform your social media accounts for the day to be reflective of the identity that you're currently assuming.

You'll host an at home small Witches Ball Soirée that's decked out in things such as low lighting & lit candles that are to burn all night, bouquets of dried florals, chic black and gold pumpkins,

Images Via: Harper's Bazaar

Bunches of strategically placed black lace, and gold skeletal watch dogs.

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You'll brew things like, 'Black Widow Shots'

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While a high style "seance" playlist streams in the backdrop

As you're partaking in activities such as Tarot Readings With Playing Cards, Horror Movie Trivia, and potion tastings

While feasting on simple things like The Perfect Charcuterie Board,

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A simple Beef Chili, Freshly Baked Cornbread, and pleasant amounts of a red wine, in addition to Mrs. Prindable's Petite Carmel Apples, Fresh From Saks. The latter of course will work well as treats you can actually send your guest home with.

You'll be using Kate Spade Malmo Gold Flatware,

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While dabbing your pursed Ruby Woo Coated Red Lips With Black Chilewhich Linen Napkins straight out of Sur La Table.

& a portion of the evening will be devoted to an amateur photo shoot that will include you & each of your coven's members. In addition, the remaining portions of the evening will be documented in appropriate spurts via Snapchat and Instagram respectively.

This shall be a chic spook fest for the books, but then again everything I suggest here is. ;) Tell us all how you plan to spend your All Hallows' Eve & what type of witchcraft tricks you have up your cloak sleeves, leave it all in the comment section below.


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