LADY LIBERTY: How To Properly Be A Member Of Hillary's Chic Coterie

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How To Properly Be A Member Of Hillary's Chic Coterie

It's time to exercise some rights around here!

So yes of course we're voting for Hillary, I mean obviously right? This isn't new or even terribly exciting news at this point. However when the tally comes in and she officially trumps Trump once and for all, well then it'll be time to crack open a bottle of Ace Of Spades whilst dressed in a petticoat, you know for kicks and giggles, and toast to the start of a new era and perhaps even drop a few thousand tears over the end of the Obama's Reign, as they will officially be going back to being "regular citizens", though secretly I think they're thrilled!

But before blowing up victory balloons and dislodging celebratory corks, can we pause and applaud 👏 the fact that for the 1st time in this country's long & sometimes sketchy history, a woman is headed to the White House and not as someone's plus one!  Not that being a plus one is problematic, we all know that some men cannot function without that plus one and it's often the plus one behind the scenes that holds all of the necessary power anyway right? How does that saying go, "Every man need's a woman when his life is a mess. Because just like a game of chess the Queen protects the King."

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However we've got a different scenario here altogether, a former President becoming 1st Gentleman (or whatever the politicos call it) as a former 1st Lady takes his former position. Amazingness! I mean can you picture it? Bill playing Ne-Yo's 'She Got Her Own' on the sax as Hillary cascades through the halls of her new old home!


But let's reverse this G Wagon a bit and talk about how to properly elevate the act of checking that electoral box into a fine work of art that'll put Mrs. Clinton back into the White House & give us the privilege of officially referring to her as Madame President. 

I mean that just feels exhilarating to say IRL as oppose to just using it as some imaginative notion that refers to a character from film or television. It's an ACTUAL thing now! Madame President. Oh Hill, look at you girl, you're officially living at elevated levels of fancy. So let's do this thing, that is discuss how to officially be a party to Hillary's chic crew come November 8th!

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How To Properly Be A Memeber of Hillary's Chic Coterie

Well Duh

Super Presidentially 


Walking past the newly acquired Hillary print in your home

and proceeding to zoom to the polls with a Katy Perry Cover Girl coated smile

Whilst dressed in a B A S E D T L A #ImWithHer t-shirt

thrown together with some wildly upscale girl gang style pairings such as YSL or Gucci Bags, Missoni Turbans, or Intermix Sunglasses, De La Renta Charm Bracelets, or Chloe Shades, D-Squared2 Military Bottoms, or Vita Fede Earrings.

As you're tuned into some deeply personalized high tempo Election Day playlist via your smartphone headphones, and gracefully swaying to the beat as you walk from the car to your local polling place and right up to the ballot box snapping your democratic blue coated finger tips

and casually reflecting on some of Barack's most debonair standings & a plethora of Michelle's high style wardrobe moments coupled with her 'I Am A Strong Black Woman Who Is Not To Be Tried' speeches, as you smile with glee about the fact that her democratic sister, Hillary, is gonna carry the torch.

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No doubt as she's dressed in an array of colorful and strongly American Ralph Lauren Suits

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whilst riding Air Force One as some soothing bouts of smooth jazz play the backdrop, perhaps something like The Bill Clinton Collection: Selections From The Clinton Music Room,

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to keep her in a centered state of calm as she ever so womanly man's the post that many men have coveted but only 44 have touched & shows the entire free (and caged) world the true definition of well polished girl power and also that she is made for this! Oh yeah sh*t's getting real . . . Real Lady Like! 

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You'll go on to follow up your trip to the polls with setting a new list of at least 1-3 large or 4-5 small goals for yourself. These are to be accomplished during Hillary's 1st term.  You'll also structure some form of a presidential style policy to be incorporated into your life, which will be designed to elevate you to new levels: mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally, because after all there's only one person who truly runs your world and that person is you! You should also take cues on how to relentlessly persevere in the face of adversity from one Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton before, during, and after you've checked that box that places homegirl right back where she belongs, in the oval! But this time not simply as a First Lady sitting on the guest couch making conversation but behind that Resolute Desk as everyone addresses her by her new name,

Madame President.

Isn't this such a Maj Flash Bulb Moment? Yeah I'd definitely say so!


Darling ' I Am Most Definitely With Her' Bonnie  


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What's your voting method, by mail or at the polls? And do you have any special voting day rituals that you practice to celebrate the ushering in of America's various new era's? Please do tell below!