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How To Properly Do The Art World Thing

In some circles it's just a thing, in other circles it's everything. Though not in every circle. However "artsy be still" types have become increasingly more popular as of late. But beyond fleeting popularity and hipster sensibilities, it is my belief that every chic gal should know a thing or 2 about the art world because as Derek Blasberg said in his 'Classy' Etiquette Advice Bible: (which btw's we'll be hosting a contest giveaway for in coming weeks, stay tuned!)

"A knowledge of art - even a vague one - is an imperative characteristic of a chic, well rounded lady. Every woman should have at least a general understanding of art history and the current art scene."

So with that said let us talk a little art dealer chic for a moment shall we?

How To Properly Do The Art World Thing

Obviously Super Sincerely. Because being as phony as a back ally Louis Vuitton is not the mission here, you should only be looking to elevate your taste level in a bona fide fashion.


Brushing up on classic names and pieces such as:

Everyone's fav art world girl Mona Lisa & all of her renditions, Frida Kahlo and all of her amazingness as well as her sordid love affair with Diego Rivera. Check for that 'Girl With A Pearl Earring', along with 'Whistlers Mother', 'The Birth Of Venus', & Georgia O'Keefe and her enlarged floral. Get into Cindy Sherman & her conceptual portraits, and check for Joan Mitchell & Lee Krasner (wife of Jackson Pollock) & each bit of their abstract expressionism, as well as the 1st woman artist "to be a glamour star" Tamara de Lempicka.

I mean really there's so much colorful history to learn here. I implore you to do so while channeling your inner Charlotte York & giving art world realness

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not saying that you have to go as far as wanting to own your own gallery and a little cottage in Maine but you should consider at the very least dropping into a local museum or 2 or perhaps a neighborhood gallery hot spot.

In Los Angeles Try:

  1. LACMA
  2. Art Angels
  3. The Loft At Liz's

While rocking something like an Undercover Instant Calm Tee, Black Moto Jeans, a bejeweled black pump something like the Louboutin's Candidate, some excitingly wild form of a wide brimmed hat something like Lanvin's embellished wide brim, a simple sleek black bag, topped off with the currently ever popular choker something like Bauble Bar's 'Florence'

In San Francisco Try:

  1. The De Young 
  2. or newly renovated SFMOMA 

In London Try:

  1. The Tate Modern 
  2. The Saatchi Gallery

In Paris Try:

  1. The Louvre
  2. Modus Art Gallery

While being dolled up in something dainty and exceedingly pastel like a pair of Lilac Cigarette Trousers and a baby pink Gucci Ruffled Pointelle Knit Wool Blend Sweater paired with a pair of blush Aquazzura Alix Pumps & a mini Dolce Lucia Lizard Effect Leather bag carried by hand

Drop into Miami to check out:

 Art Basel

In New York Try:

  1.  The MET
  2. The Gagosian Gallery

Dressed in something classically New York.

Or you may even try morphing into a mini modern day online gallerina while at home perched before your laptop in a cashmere onesie with a deep red in hand browsing sites such as Trendland, Society6, Deviantart, or This is Colossal as an easy art inspired playlist tunes the backdrop.

I'll leave you here now with a few of the fav DBXCO. art world things for you to get into & please do in return leave the name of an artist that you think we should all check out below.


Andrea Mary Marshall's 'Toxic Women'

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