LADY SINGS THE BLUES: How To Properly Deal With Life's Melodramatic Moments

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How To Properly Deal With Life's Melodramatic Moments

Heartbreak? Yup we've felt it! Disappointment? Yes indeedie sweetie we've all dealt with it! And let us not use these LouLou Dance Loubies

to skip over and otherwise ignore those melancholic moments where you're not quite depressed but you're definitely not feeling like your most liked Instagram Selfie either. . .

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Maybe Mercury is in retrograde. Maybe Venus is sending some rippling monsoon like tidal wave through your birth chart. Or perhaps Pluto is in a square with Uranus and it's got your hormonal emotions on high, your low cut lace knickers in a twist, and a few teardrop stains on your silk pillow

Whatever the case may be, we've all been there before. And unless you're dead or even worse living robotically, (attempting to act as if you feel no emotions at any point whatsoever and as a result missing out on the brilliance of life all together) then you'll certainly be here again and so it's imperative that we discuss how to deal with those melodramatic moments when you're feeling incredibly Blue. . . . sans the Ivy.

How To Properly Deal With Life's Melodramatic Moments


Forging open minded journalistic adventures in whatever diary you're currently utilizing,

Do this in a reflective state whilst thinking back on the moment your blue mood seeped in and what may have triggered it's arrival. Go on to dive deep into highly personal therapeutic conversations either over the phone or face to face with a Life Line, while being mindful of the fact that your primary objective here is to connect the dots and locate the x that marks the spot where the true blue trouble resides. It is there that you'll dig deep, pummeling far beyond the superficial surface to tap in on the truth at the root of what brings you to Bluesville USA in the 1st place. Be mindful of the fact that where you begin is not where you will end up.

At the end of it all healing is the wave that you're looking to ride. On your mission to get there you should be decked out in things like David Cozy's 'Feeling Blue' cap

to caution others about the 'Do Not Disturb' space that you're presently presiding in whilst repeatedly listening to things found on our Lady Sings The Blues Playlist

Of which you listen to as you're consciously moving through moods and summoning yourself to grow, over beverages like chamomile tea and kale smoothies as you're swathed in feel good things like cozy coats

and Furry Gucci slides a la Eva Chen

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and reading useful books such as The Fifth Agreement  and placing yourself in a position to learn self mastery whilst also checking into various internet rehabs for troubled moments like Mystic Mamma and Tiny Buddha

Because let's face it we all get a bit blue at times and it's during those moments that a girl really needs good friends and a bit of guidance. Lucky for you gals you've all got me and well I certainly hope that I have you.

Got an issue, feeling a bit blue and looking for somewhere to turn? Don't hesitate to hit me up via email: or leave your woes (and by woes I mean troubles not homies) in the comment section below and let's see what this community can do for you!


Darling 'Sometimes I feel Blue without the Ivy Carter too' Bonnie