The DBXCO. Holiday Gift Guide (No.01) | Pretty Little Gifts For Le Crew - Under $100

 Image Source:  Sephora

Image Source: Sephora

So. .  All Hallows' Eve is over and now, Drum Roll Please!! It is officially time to traipse around a Winter Wonderland in a simply diviiine pair of Sophia Webster Booties and a pair of Fox Fur Earmuffs with a Spiked Eggnog in hand whilst playing a good game of Secret Santa with Le Crew and gifting your person with a smashing gift or gift box that'll surely get them excited! & we've got just the gifts that you need girlfriend. Check it!

What To Do For Le Crew Under $100 Holiday Gifts


Transforming a Classic Vintage Hat Box into a gift box full of goods for your Secret Santa! Stuff it to the brim with exciting and cute finds from our Pretty Little Gifts for Le Crew Gift List!

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So obviously there's all kinds of fun to be had here but let me just point out a few things to you shall I?

Factory Perpetual Shade F Off I'm Sleeping Eye Mask - Obvi that this is perfect not just for home but also perf for public adventures where sleep will be involved. Think long flights where one plans to get the maximum amount of rest and rejuvenation before landing. Of course in that scenario you must be, for all intents and purposes, anti-social. This shall act as shield, guard, and official 'Do Not Disturb' sign.

Eve Lom Muslin Cloths for the face and neck, used hot so as to feel as if you're at the spa getting a facial rejuvenation treatment while at home. Pampering yourself consistently in small ways is one of the secret keys to a well lived life. . .  That's so often overlooked, sigh. Pity.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Stencils - *NOTE: These are not intended to turn your Secret Santa Giftee into one of those awful trendy little Social Media Girls with that . . . look. And don't say what look you know precisely what look I'm referring too. In any event Anastasia, much beloved by the aforementioned Social Media Girls, is without doubt a beauty master and every girl fancies an amazing brow in which she's helping to achieve here! Consider this the secret assistant that helps said fancy get fulfilled, for those moments when one desperately needs to make an appointment with their faithful brow girl but just can't seem to find the time.

Lauren B. BeautyNail Polish - Pacific Palisades (Violet) - Fast Drying, High Shine, it's one of the most beloved shades on the color wheel and it's titled Pacific Palisades need I go on ? Didn't really think so.

EASY, TIGER 'Ooh, La La' Champagne Flute - So there are those nights where one has no guest to tend too. They have nothing more then the freshly picked magazines, The Social Club handbook, or perhaps a fine piece of literature to dig into. On said evening one may want to take in a beverage as they read, this could be anything from Lamarca to a New York Seltzer or perhaps even just plain water with a lemon wedge, 1 cucumber slice, and a few sprigs of fresh mint. In any event if one is a true Social Club Grrrl she certainly won't be having that beverage in an ordinary glass. No, no she'll be taking it in, in a champagne flute. . . a Easy, Tiger 'Ooh, La La' Champagne flute no less. As a Voluspa 'Vermeil Prosecco Rose' Corta Maison Candle burns in the backdrop. That is if you, her beloved Secret Santa, follows the advice of this guide and gifts her with these dazzling things.

But should you be feeling as if the gift box may not interest you, you'd rather just go with one solid under $100 gift instead or perhaps you're into the gift box item but need more stuffing options. Okay suit yourself and check for this:

BaubleBar Arwen Crystal Choker - Fabulous statement piece made up of oversized crystals, and provides plenty of versatility, dress it up for le cocktail party, dress it down for le trip to the cinema.

and how about these?

So much under $100 pretty little fun, Yes?! I do hope that you find this all charming and useful. There's more to come! Let the holiday magic begin!


Darling 'Santa Baby' Bonnie