AND VOGUE!: How To Properly Do Vogue Living!

 Image Source: Slant Magazine

Image Source: Slant Magazine

And Vogue!

How To Properly Do Vogue Living!

Welcome back to The Social Club Handbook Dolls (and gents too)! Let's get down too it shall we?

Now I believe that it was Luther (Vandross for those of you not soul music inclined) who sang about the house not being a home if there was no one there. Well on that same note Luther (may God rest his musically magical soul) may I add this sentiment: That a Life is Not Well Lived If Isn't Being Lived EN VOGUE!

Living En Vogue is like living in color. Otherwise you're just one of those missable black and white tales about a girl who never lived up to her full potential, trapped inside of a monotonous cycle of bore whore activities and passable moments on repeat for 70+ years and calling it a life. Deprogram yourself and get with the HD Color TV Cinematic times Girlfriend! Now, more so than ever, we have the opportunity to lead brilliant lives and that's precisely what this club encourages you to do!

So how exactly does one live EN Vogue you ask? Well I'm glad you brought it up! Why Don't You


Opening your mind and color coding your life whilst striking a pose in the AM

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Do this as you awake on envy inducing Egyptian cotton sheets, sliding up your pure silk sleep mask and drawing back your velvet curtains while greeting the day with a smile no matter the weather, repeating this as you rise:

You should often do things like light aromatically intoxicating candles to ward off bad vibes and usher in good ones! Here's a pretty little guide to a few candle colors & what they can do for you:

Do things like flutter around your well appointed abode dressed in de la Renta Crepe Robes & Valentino Turbans with champagne flutes filled to the brim with chilled libations or morning cups of fresh french press coffee, tea, or matcha as you blare A 'Very Vogue Way To Start Your Day' Playlist (Side Note: If you're a member look for this playlist in this week's Newsletter! )  and decide how to dazzle yourself and the world.

Speaking of abode's, your space should be decked out in whatever inspires you to live your best life. There should be things like art dressing the walls,

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chandeliers swinging from the ceilings, small libraries big on variety, and glacial vases filled with amazing weekly handpicked floral arrangements!

Health and wellness in all areas: mind, body, and spirit that is, is of the upmost importance to you. You do things like heavy cardio and yoga poses because your temple demands upkeep that makes one sweat whilst being outfitted in things like Ivy Park Mid Rise Leggings & simple Nike trainers.

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You do simple post work out meditations followed by lavish showers with French Girl Sea Polish and a Buddha for a little divine bathroom company.

You journal and check in with yourself often. You allow yourself to flow like water meeting each moment as it meets you and bringing to it the best intentions while understanding that everything that happens in your life is happening for you not to you, and as such you look for the hidden gem to be found in every moment and encounter no matter the nature of the situation.

You exercise your mind with great books

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and enjoyable hobbies, at least 2. You vacation often (even if it's just an overnight), 

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You occasionally attend sporting events in high glamour attire no less

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You brunch, lunch, dinner party, coffee date & cocktail hour around town hosting intricate conversations with chic friends about the joy's of whatever's joyful to you and the hilarious woes of horror moments that at times make it feel as if you're living in a dark cynical comedy, because if you're without anything you're never without your wit, charm, style, and sense of humor.

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You laugh often, you love much. You have a romantic relationship (or ships depending on your style) that make you smile, think, grow, and blush.

You make money doing things that resonate well with your spirit and are suitable for your mind, that beckon you to be your best whilst being true & well aligned .

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You walk as if the world is your oyster and speak with poise touched with a bit of slang, you act as if you know nothing of fear, and enjoy mixing a little air of mystery with your ways. You famously swan around

knowing that above all else the true secret to living your life EN VOGUE exist in not just what you're doing but the way you are doing it. Because mindset, approach, and style count for everything when you're living a live editorial life all your own, complete with title and tagline. What might one be calling your Vogue editorial? And what tagline might one be accompanying with that title? Think about it and get back to me below!


Darling 'My Editorial Would Be Called Alice In an Urban Luxe Wonderland' Bonnie

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