TRADITIONALLY SPEAKING!: DBXCO. Social Club Traditions Vol 1.

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Traditionally Speaking!

Isn't it just absolutely the most wonderful time of the year?! Spiked Egg Nog, Fox Fur, The perfect winter booties, The Nutcracker, Home Alone 1&2, Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks, Natalie Cole's 'Holly & Ivy', 'The Preacher's Wife' Soundtrack & tons of Christmas Cheer! The traditional Holiday's are definitely here and our weekly theme is all about "Traditional Things" ! As such I figured this week we'd discuss Social Club Traditions, you know things like: watching a bevy of vintage fashion docu's during NYFW whilst taking champagne bubble baths and drinking Sofia Blanc de Blancs by the can through a rose gold straw! Or like Carrie Bradshaw & Co. & their dating + incessant sex talk over nightlife cosmos or breakfast, brunch, & lunch meals

DBXCO. Social Club Traditions Vol 1.

or Blair & those headbands & infamous mornings on the Met Steps

 Image Source:  We Heart It

Image Source: We Heart It

or Holly going to Tiffany's whenever she got the mean reds.

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Image Source: Wikipedia

(Speaking of Holly it's tradition for me to watch Breakfast at least once per year!) I mean we are after all club-home to the non-traditional traditional girl (aka ME) so obvi I have more then a few non-traditional traditions to share. As a result we'll begin with just 6 and consider this week's post Vol 1. to a series, 'Traditionally Speaking! How To Properly Be The Non-Traditional Traditional Girl!' So why don't you recline back on a Plum & Bow Cable Knit Pillow, beneath a Plum & Bow Faux Fur Throw whilst being dressed in something chill, get your Ted Baker Pen & Pad ready to take notes &


1. Reading the entirety of Maya Angelou's Memoir Series during the dead of each winter whilst being sprawled out before healthy fire's & curled up with fine cup's of tea & dressed in a series of cashmere wardrobe onesie options, taking the time to learn some new highlight point during each re-visitation.

 Image Source:  Huffington Post

Image Source: Huffington Post

2. Making yearly style mood boards that inspire your mode of dress for the upcoming year, adopting affectionate titles for them named after style icons that influence your wardrobe decisions. For example I personally switch between an: Urban Hepburn ( Urban Audrey Hepburn), Naomi Evangelista (90s Naomi Campbell x 90s Linda Evangelista) , & a Wintour Dello Russo (The Two Vogue Editing Anna's) look!

 Image Source: Darling Bonnie

Image Source: Darling Bonnie

3. Eating virtually any meal on china as frequently as possible!

 Image Source:  Kate Spade

Image Source: Kate Spade

4. Having post mani/pedi cocktails and hors d'oeuvre at a hotel bar whilst casually, positively, and honestly addressing the delicate balance of life, love, friends, and family. (My choice location is Bar 333 inside of the Le Meridian SF.)

5. Having post debauchery rehab, nursing yourself back to vital health after a long night or perhaps nights out about town. There should be a bath and burning candles, an assortment of easy food options: bean dip & chips, fresh fruit, Wonton soup, toast with honey, green smoothies, or an easy greasy burger & fries. There should be Aleve, bed outfitted in appropriate luxurious sheets, all day rest with the curtains drawn as Sex & The City or Gossip Girl plays and you lie beneath a soothing gel eye mask occasionally peaking out to take sips of New York Seltzer , Peppermint Tea, or coffee and short calls from your VIPs.

 Image Source:  Tumblr

Image Source: Tumblr

6. Always keeping at least one chilled bottle of champs in the fridge!

 Image Source:  The Berry

Image Source: The Berry

These are only just the start, try these on for size and dazzle up your life! Got any traditions that you believe MUST be added to next month's edition of 'Traditionally Speaking'? Please don't hesitate to let me know!

Darling 'Queen of traditional non-traditions' Bonnie

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