Hi, Society: How To Make An Appropriate Debut

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Fashiontography.net - Vogue Japan

Image Details: 'All The Riches A Girl Can Have' | Photog: Giampaolo Sgura | Fashion Editor: Anna Dello Russo | Model: Ymre Stiekema

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Kim Catrell As Samantha Jones SATC 2 | 'Secrets From The Set' InStyle Magazine

Beyonce | 'Mommy Will See You Now. . . .' Daily Mail

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How To Make An Appropriate Debut

Hm. . . Well Obviously Very Over Dramatically.


Bursting out of double french bedroom doors at 10 AM with your 'I've arrived' energy on turbo, while dressed to the 9's in some form of a pricey luxe robe, hair properly wrapped up in a plush cocaine white towel, face dressed in only Chanel hydra beauty essence mist & un-humanly dewy with a glow

With pedicured feet slipped into something 3 inches or higher and considered slipper suitable and at least 10 karats strategically dripping somewhere on the body, whilst smiling and demanding an affogato prepped to perfection with premium French Roast Coffee and Vanilla Bean Dreyers, served appropriately in a Versace La Dorée tea cup & saucer , As Beyonce's 'Formation' plays the background & a Djarum Vanilla burns from a jewel encrusted holder for effect . . .  because I mean come on let's face it, what chic individual is still dragging cigs in 2016? If you responded me then this is the part where I side eye the shit out of you to induce the feeling of shame, for your own betterment! 😒

Darling Bonnie's Notes:

Yes that's right, Good Morning America !!!!

Your poster child for appropriate living has at last decided to make her entrance and considering the well deserved shitty press that this country is currently getting, you could use a face lift like me. I can't promise to Olivia Pope this situation but I can at least make America seem fun, interesting, and the least bit tolerable again.

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I mean listen, if that disastrous ass Trump can manage to amass a decent following and entertain the people well then hell anyone can, agreed? Agreed!

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With that said allow me to ever so briefly introduce myself,

I Am Darling Bonnie:

Lifestyle Guru For Girls About Town

And I also have a Social Club as you can clearly see and it's designed for fancy dolls like me who possess a penchant for high style and a flair for the dramatic.

(Side Note: * when I say High Style I don't mean that in the, "I'm a boring trendy girl draped in all of the latest fashions" sense. No, No. This, what I'm referring to, is that classic one of a kind, showstopping, unique, and undeniably chic brand of personal high style that comes about when one is deeply aware of oneself and genuinely enjoying being who they are in the most charming and artful manner from the inside, out. . .  just so we're clear.)

It's for those of us who also have a deep interest in self growth with a side of high fashion.

For those of us who would prefer having Madonna's 'Vogue' playing as the backdrop as we host a high tea on Wedgewood China

Image Source: High Tea - Langham Hotels | Rosie Tupper - Glamour Magazine Spain 2013 | Rihanna - Vogue.com

Those of us who attend and throw dinner parties and schedule coffee dates and show up for birthday parties at a nightclub fashionably late because we all know that nightclub birthday parties are considerably passé.

Or better still those of us who listen to Rihanna's 'Bitch Better Have My Money' while sipping Pellegrino from a gold straw and ingesting La Boulangerie Macaroons during a Laura Mercier Créme Brûlée Honey Bath on a late Wednesday morning, or even better still those of us who'd purchase a Vintage Pink or Cherry Red Rotary Dial Telephone title it 'The Hotline' and greet callers with something like:

"You're on the line with somebody fine how may I help you ?!"

Image Source: Fashiontography.net

Image Details | 'Double Vision' by Sharif Hamze | Magazine: V Issue No.82 | Models: Alana Zimmer Kasia Struss | Styled By: Tom Van Dorpe | MUA: Maud Laceppe | Hair: Shay Ashual

You know, totally modern urban chic sophisticates and full fledge participants in the practice of the high art of Living Well, because after all that is what my life's work and this social club is all about!

Access Granted

This blog acts as a field guide to The Darling Bonnie Social Club way of life. It provides for you the reader, the opportunity to live like us or simply just live vicariously through us. You're being given insider access to our: Social Club Handbook, Social Club Directory (which is one rolodex you don't want to miss), and our Social Club Diaries.

You can expect to find things of the glittering variety like a plethora of beauty shop girl talk, plenty of self help & high fashion, chic social etiquette with an edge, magnificent lifestyle tips, stylish how to guides & to do list to enhance your mundane life, in addition to dazzling conversations with a sparkling community and the most delicious directory of chic people, places, and things that any one sparkling girl about town or sparkling girl about town wannabe could ever ask for or imagine.

What else can I say at this point except if I were you I would have subscribed by now. It's clearly high time for world domination. Buckle up beauties and beast, it looks like we're in for one dazzling ride.


Darling 'I Love To Make A Killer Debut' Bonnie

The Hi, Society To Do List Guide:

I've made my grand speech, shall we now socialize: 

I'd love for you to join the party!

Tell me your name and location & how you've come to find yourself here amongst us divine ones of the Darling Bonnie Social Club!

Leave it all in the comments below.

Coming Up: Next Week I'll be taking you on your 1st visit to our social club directory. Be sure to tune in, you don't want to miss it.