Mirror, Mirror: How To Have Appropriate Selfie Talk

 Image Source: ' The Supermodels,'  - Linda Evangelista For Vogue Italia | 1991 | Photographed By: Steven Miesel.

Image Source: 'The Supermodels,' - Linda Evangelista For Vogue Italia | 1991 | Photographed By: Steven Miesel.

How To Have Appropriate Selfie Talk

We all must check in on and deal with selfie on a consistent basis. Valuable selfhood necessities include traveling far beyond just the sparkling Instagram Images and Snap Chat Filters in order to maintain a sincere connection to our true selves. Because above all else, beyond just sheer chic adventure, we're all here for proper evolutionary purposes of which cannot take place if we are not devoting a decent amount of time to honest and healthy #SelfieTalk. Shall we toast to that ?!


Now Try This:

Finding yourself on a wound down Sunday Evening at home sitting before your mirror with a conversation that goes a little something like:


You: Mirror, Mirror on this fabulous luxe vanity, who is responsible for all of my insanity?

Mirror: You Dear Darling girl who slays thee, only you can tend to all of that crazy.

Because let's face it post 25 we officially reach the age where we should no longer look to point the finger of blame for any internal issues unless we're pointing said finger at self, as its accessorized in a Gucci Arrow Motif Ring with it's tips dressed up in something like Guerlain's 'La Petite Robe Noire' no less, and calling out the individual who's duty it is to take care of you. . . YOU. 


And in no manner is this meant to be harsh just merely tough love given gently. You know like as you're sitting down at the vanity undressing your face casually with a, 'In Transit, No Traces' Make Up Removal Pad & prepping to self baptize in holy hot bath water. This is sacred YOU time! It should be damn near considered religious. Because isn't there something almost Biblically divine about casting all shame, fear, and guilt aside and having real talk 101 with self? As smooth tunes serenade the backdrop, it's just you and God in the bathroom & you spill each of the things that are quietly dancing around inside of you on top of each nerve causing angst. Here is where you address the signals that have been imploring you to travel within & deal with whatever it is that's attempting to live in suppression, this will help you avoid being met in later years by depression from the refusal to tell yourself the one thing that you should ALWAYS be willing to tell yourself . . . The Truth

But let's not just make this about the drama because as we all know by now when talking internally we're hardly ever all of one thing, where there is dark there to is light, and so just as you discuss any treachery please don't dismiss the opportunity to reflect with optimism on your joy and highlights, rounding out this conversation completely with a healthy balance of true life.

And so your Sunday ends like this:

Setting aside quality time in the highest holy confessional known to woman: The "Restroom". You've decked it out with Aromatherapy Associates Relax Scented Candles, Plush Matouk Partperre Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels,

Your fav floral arrangement of the moment, and a playlist tuned a little something like this:

Listen To Playlist Here

You've poured yourself a glass of Riesling, or a great glass of Cab, or perhaps simply a flavored New York Seltzer, you've hung a 'Do Not Disturb' Sign on the door,

 Image Source:  WorldMarket.Com

Image Source: WorldMarket.Com

and now for as long as you need you're going to deal with, check in on, and care for self in the manner that only you can. You'll gush, laugh, cry, speak, think, talk, and BE with #Selfie.


Darling 'Self Honesty's My Policy' Bonnie

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The room is open, tell us below how you spend your selfie time and what the mirror has said to you!

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