Goodbye To All That: How To Properly Let That Sh*t Go

How To Properly Let That Sh*t Go

In the name of Bradgelina and all things divorce let's talk about letting sh*t go. Should you divorce a habit, way of life, or even an actual tired individual who's met an expiration date what would be the proper protocol ? 


Honesty above all else because that goes well with any wardrobe option, which for this occasion will be restricted to hot little vintage numbers from Isaac Mizrahi's 'Divorcée 'Collection Circa 1990 something or another,  paired with some wildly dazzling current pieces from designers like a Dolce & Gabbana or a Dsquared2, because obviously every true Social Club Girl loves a vintage modern mix. You'll leave a Lotus Flowerbomb signature scented trail wheresoever you go, to signify new growth happening in your life.

+ on the day of actual separation, there should be a NARS coated velvet matte red lip, something like 'Dragon Girl' mixed with a hint of 'Jungle Red' coupled with a NARS 'Orgasm' illumination, there should also be a Fendi Cat Eye, and some version of a high style dramatic coat casually draped over your well arched shoulders,

in addition to some form of a luxey elbow length genuine leather glove

So obvi the divorce would have to be taking place during the Fall or Winter season.  There will be as much private crying as necessary, as little public crying as possible, and several matter of fact statements issued during the moment of separation such as:

"You no longer compliment my growth mechanisms so deuces."


"Our alchemy breeds treachery therefore bye Felicia!"

This should be followed by a trip to some snowy region where you can sport Moncler and sip Spiked Hot Chocolate by a sprawling fireplace with a decadent mantelpiece while hosting a therapeutic conversation that gives a brief history of how it use to be and why it just simply can't go any further, to a friend with an agreeable look of concern on their face & a glass of Sofia in their superbly manicured hand. Post conversation you retire to your suite to play a melange of Goodbye records that sound something like this :

Listen To Playlist

as well as host heartfelt conversations with God as you fill your 'Write It Down, Let It Go' Modcloth Journal with the release of any toxic emotion that threatens your well being or complexion (because side note: stress can do horrible things to the skin). You'll then go on to allow the 5 piece grieving process to run its course, and for each grievous visitor you'll have a signature drink & mood nail:

Once your grief has passed you'll find yourself amazingly suited in all black draped in gold and pearls in true bombshell fashion (like one Miss. Teyana Taylor found on the cover of this entry) striking all of the most appealing poses as liberating shots of the new you are taken by a friend with a super profesh cam.

And the rest will be as they say, history.


Darling 'Divorce Lawyer Extraordinaire' Bonnie


'Goodbye To All That' To Do List

Here's the part where you join the party! What are you feeling in regards to letting go and what do you feel could be divorced in your life currently?