PLEASANTVILLE: How To Properly Survive Suburban Hell!

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So you're really a sparkling city girl who's been summoned to live in Hades. . . I mean you live in suburbia.  And you've come to realize that it is in fact a nightmare realized. Don't sweat my pet, I to have been there at one extremely difficult stretch of time in my precious gem of a life and luckily for you I've devised just what you need, a suburban survival kit if you will. For this week's handbook post we'll be talking

Pleasantville: How To Properly Survive Suburban Hell


Why don't you


Activating your imagination by thinking of your current state of life as a retreat phase, where you've been brought out into some foreign countryside with the goal of getting in touch with oneself in a manner not possible whilst being anywhere else but where you are at this current moment in life.

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Run full blast with this retreat theme as you do things such as

1. Taking Meditative Hikes Often. 

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Lord knows the suburbs aren't short on trails and open space areas begging to be trekked, explored, and pondered upon.


I implore you to stay away from anywhere that looks as if there may be a kidnapper/murderer lying in wait for some dizzy headed doll faced victim in chic clothing to happen on by his demented play place. Utilize common sense and stick to seemingly safe zones unless accompanied by companions and weapons such as: pepper spray and switch blades maybe even some glittering pocket knife, a taser, or some other small concealed weightless weapon stashed in a stylish & charming hands free bag something like a Moschino Studded Crossbody or AtelierVlisco fanny pack also good for stowing the phone and perhaps a light snack something like a Nature Valley Oats N' Honey Granola Bar or a Quaker Chewy Chocolate Chip!

2. Try reading everything you can get your hands on and taking up as many magazine subscriptions as possible.

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There should always be some extensive reading list in play with a mix of fanciful and spiritual things that can expand your mind and bring you to think about life outside of your current bubble. Things that inspire adventure within your heart and aid you in devising exit strategies onto greater places whilst also expanding the spirit and feeding your creativity. Things such as:

The Glitter Plan, Wherever You Go There You Are, Celebutantes, Auntie Mame: An Irreverent Escapade, Trying To Float: Coming Of Age In The Chelsea Hotel, A Day Late & A Dollar Short, The Prophet, Roses, Like Water For Chocolate, The Joy Luck Club, & Miss. Piggy's Guide To Life.

3. Journaling as frequently as possible about selfie discoveries that you've happened upon while in nature, whilst reading books, and during meditative moments taken in silence.

4. Getting Creative

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Whilst listening to classical tunes or a bit of jazz and giving yourself to some deep artful project such as painting, drawing, writing, designing or redesigning some eccentric wardrobe piece, playing dress up in your own closet finding different pairings that offer you your own personal "look", playing in make up, enacting selfie photoshoots with MacBook photo booth or a Sony Cyber Shot Smartphone Attachable Lens, browsing cookbooks or recipes online and then trying them out, making vision boards and live look books, or doing whatever it is that tickles your fancy and offers you creative relief, also turn to Tumblr. Tumblr is your friend in the suburban storm for sure!

5. Watch tons of film!

 Image Source:  Miles

Image Source: Miles

All kinds of film. Films that you'd never thought to explore before.
Awaken yourself to new worlds within those films. Paying great attention to the details.

6. Find friends with whom you can commune with every once in awhile

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People you can take one off adventures with and talk life, dreams, literature, and film with over cocktails & appetizers at the most decent local dining establishment.

7. Maintaining your sanity & a clean space

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 Learn to use cleaning as meditation, burn tons of candles,
perfume your air, eat well, photograph your moments, get plenty of exercise & rest, teach yourself to relax and be present.

I've done the suburban vs. city contrast and I can assure you that there is a vast difference in the pace and energy of life in the areas. Tune into the air around you, allow it to slow you down just enough to find your center and inner peace thus transcending your environment, this will be a skill that you'll keep with you the rest of your days no matter what zip code your address falls under.
For those of you in the suburban struggle or any living struggle for that matter: stay strong golden girls, faith must become your most faithful companion. You'll make it out of that dreadful tunnel some how, someway.


Darling 'I survived the suburbs gracefully' Bonnie

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