ELLE WOODS AT HARVARD: How To Properly Be A Sparkling Misfit

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Elle Woods At Harvard


How To Properly Be A Sparkling Misfit

Riddle me this. . . Who wants to blend in with a trendy crowd when they were born to stand out??? I'll tell you who: Sheepy little bah bah bore whores who flock together out of the fear of their own individuality, lack of self awareness and/or the need for crowd validation. Those who sacrifice themselves for status and crowd approval out of the fear of having to stand alone. . . perhaps they don't like their own company, perhaps they get on their own nerves far too much to be left alone, perhaps they desire not to be liberated from the confines of the empty shell of "in-crowd" hell but much rather prefer being seemingly accepted for who they really aren't.

However, let me tell who doesn't prefer such mendacity: US! Social Club GRL's (& GUYS)! Those of us who thrive off of full knowledge & acceptance of self and live for our eccentricities, the very things that could constitute us as full blown MISFITS! We're not worried about who likes us because we like us and we always manage to attract individuals who too like themselves a great deal and thus together we create incredible experiences and moments tailor made for well polished misfits, henceforth how & why things like Darling Bonnie's Social Club can even exist. Because a group of sparkling misfits with strong heads, honest conversation and great personal style have managed to manifest around me and inspire things within me that lead me to creating things that can benefit us all. . . and all of those people live in my head. . . just kidding . . . kind of.


With that said I now introduce you to this week's handbook entry which obviously falls in line with this week's theme of #Misfits. 'Elle Woods at Harvard: 'How To Properly Be A Sparkling Misfit'.

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Why Don't You Try:

1. Shutting the world out for just a moment and taking a field trip within self to ponder such questions as:


2. Reflect on these questions as you're chilling in some relaxed swank outdoor setting

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Image Source: movieroomreviews.com

Atop a Christian Siriano Ombre Faux Fur Throw, with an insulated picnic basket full of easy delectable treats & sparkling wine on a semi selfie date that finds you decked out in some high style jumpsuit such as an R13 Cowboy or an Enza Costa Linen Strappy as the DBXCO. 'Little Miss. Misfit' Playlist beams up from some traveling Audio Pro Blue Tooth Speaker and you causally sip your beverage from a chic Kate Spade Commuter Mug and watch the clouds in the sky while lulling yourself deep into a reverie of misfitty thoughts that encourage you to be yourself against all odds.

3. Proceed on from here to consider the depth of the relationship that you have with the eccentric portions of yourself and how well you honor them.

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Image Source: Pinterest

Consider things like whether or not you encourage yourself to be all of yourself at all times regardless of setting or surrounding parties & whether or not you're in touch with the rebel that dwells within. . . because trust me honey, there's some form of a rebellious nature within each of us.

4. Give thought to how you'd best show up to a setting that is completely out of your element and bring the best of your one of a kind sparkling self hood to said setting and make an impact not likely to be forgotten by all fortunate enough to experience it.

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Image Source: Bustle.com

5. Go on from here to doll yourself up in some marvelous ensemble

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Image Source: SeeingStars.com

such as a Lovers + Friends x Revolve Misfits Dress paired with something offbeat and daring such as the Fausto Puglisi Pink Ruffled Satin Mules, pull out the Kate Spade Sadie Street Champagne Saucers, and prep a charming edible spread, as you gather a small and eclectic circle of friends and acquaintances at your home where you give a short & sweet rebellious selfie speech that involves things that you'd wish you had the balls to say in front of others before but didn't out of fear of appearing.. well. . .  insane.

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Image Source: Pinterest

6. Close this liberating speech with a toast to your inner misfit

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Image Source: Twitter

and a screening of 'Legally Blonde' where you call all of your guest to pay special attention to the manner in which Elle Woods took on Harvard in a polite, very pink, & utterly girly but no less effective Miss. Misfit manner.

7. Move on in life from here, liberated from the fear of being ridiculed or judged, embracing your inner misfit and flaunting Miss. Thing every chance you get!

 Image Source:  Chronicles of PR

Image Source: Chronicles of PR

& of course let me know how it all goes!

Darling 'Little Miss. Twinkling Misfit' Bonnie

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