EAT. PRAY. LOVE.: How To Properly Emit Good Vibes!

 Image Details: Christy Turlington For Gianni Versace 1990 | Photog: Irving Penn

Image Details: Christy Turlington For Gianni Versace 1990 | Photog: Irving Penn

Eat. Pray. Love. How To Properly Emit Good Vibes!

Positivity & spirituality are Darling Bonnie's Social Club staples! I'm very much into higher vibrational waves, pure love, & naturally elevating energy. . . In a very non traditional fashion though of course. I believe that we are responsible for the energy that consumes our world, as such it would behoove us all to emit Good Vibes only, as frequently as possible 😎! So this week's Handbook post keeps with our good vibes theme of the week as we discuss: Eat. Pray. Love: How To Properly Emit Good Vibes! Why don't you


Loving yourself 1st completely, understanding that the truest love you'll ever know comes from within. Do this while checking yourself regularly to assure that your chakra's are properly aligned as you're sitting in an upright Asana pose, a la yogini extraordinaire Christy Turlington in this 90s Versace spread above. Do this whilst cleansing your thoughts and doing such classic chants as: OM, OM SHANTI OM, & OM MANI PADME HUM.

Chants that you also recite mindfully as your swanning about town swathed in chakra defining attire. Hitting each of the important chakra's on each day of the week:

No.1 Root Chakra - Red| Monday

 Image Source:  Vogue

Image Source: Vogue

No. 2 Sacral Chakra - Orange | Tuesday

 Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

No. 3 Power Chakra - Yellow | wednesday

Image Source: Tumblr

No.4 Heart Chakra - Green | THursday

 Image Source:  Tumblr

Image Source: Tumblr

No.5 Throat Chakra - Light Blue | Friday

 Image Source:  Vogue Paris

Image Source: Vogue Paris

No. 6 Third Eye Chakra - Indigo | Saturday

 Image Source:  Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

No. 7 Crown Chakra - Violet | Sunday

 Image Source:  Luxury & Vintage Madrid

No. 8 Your Whole Aura - White | Any Day

 Image Source:  Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

When selecting your attire you remain mindful of the fact that dressing is a high form of self expression and a sacred creative act. Remembering that the cut, colors, & fabrics that we wear have a direct bearing on the type of energy that we're stirring within and emitting out! With such knowledge you take great care to only bless your temple with that which elevates your energy.

You also often imagine yourself as a lotus blossom (who also may enjoy smelling of my current signature scent Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb) blooming from within the mud being mindful of the fact that life is about balance & in order to appreciate the sun you have to also embrace the rain. You graciously accept these terms whilst also lending consideration to the fact that each and every moment of your past has flowed precisely into this moment gifting you your divine present, of which you make the most of!

A divine present in which you
snack on simple things like fruit & cheese drizzled in honey

 Image Source:  My Domaine

Image Source: My Domaine

whilst holding elevating conversations about love, art, & creativity with your significant other
While also simultaneously plotting some bucket list like vacay to a far off land like


Image Source: Five Star Alliance


 Image Source:

Image Source:

or an SATC2 Style Abu Dhabi Trip with le crew

You pray often for abundance and prosperity, good health and wealth, happiness and positivity, love and light, success and strength, as you read & get inspired, enlightened, & enriched by stories spun from spiritual wisdom & pure gold in books such as:

1. The Seat Of The Soul

Elizabeth Gilbert's Classic

Eat. Pray. Love.

Of which you do a screening of the film in addition to The Life of Pi
On a random Friday evening just past 7PM!
You serve fine wines: Pinot Noirs, Rieslings, & Rosés, & Italian Dishes: Stuffed Mushrooms, Shrimp ScampiPesto Pastas, Freshly baked breads served with Garlic Parmesan Dipping Oil, Zucchini & Cherry Tomato Salad, and an assortment of fresh fruit served within tarts, mixed into cups, or dipped in chocolate.
And send each of your guest home with a Sage Smudge Stick, a Good Luck Candle, and a Rose Quartz Crystal for unconditional love, compassion, peace, tenderness, healing, nourishment and comfort.
You go on to remind yourself constantly to stay in your center and do all things with love!

Peace & Blessings
Darling 'Sometimes I Channel Buddha' Bonnie

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