THE GLITTER PLAN: How To Properly Keep Classic Juicy Couture In Your Life

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The Glitter Plan

dbxco. The Glitter Plan

How To Properly Keep Classic Juicy in Your Life!

Admit it you were obsessed with Juicy during the G&P era. You had everything from track suits to make up bags to a little Chihuahua Pomeranian mixed that you named Juicy Couture . . . Or perhaps that was just me 😳. In any event, we here at the social club love a good dose of colorful culture, great style, and dazzling inspo on any day and we also equally love to pay homage to gals who have utilized those elements to blaze trails and as a result in some manner lit up our lives! As such, currently at the club we're paying respect to all things Juicy during the G&P era! With this Handbook Entry I'm going to tell you 'How To Properly Keep Classic Juicy In Your Life' on any given day. Shall we begin? Ummhmm !!! So . . . .

Why don't you try:

Obviously Living Colorfully

 Image Source:  Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

1. Dressing Up in a Juicy Couture x Pam & Gela Mix

 Image Source:  Shop Fine Funky

Image Source: Shop Fine Funky

Picture It: You're laughing and loving and chatting up sister about memorable moments from your past when the two of you would peruse around in matching Juicy bags, as you're power brunching in some relaxed swank Sunday Sidewalk Cafe whilst donning items like the Pam & Gela Off The Shoulder Dress,   Juicy Blainnne Espadrille Platform Sneakers, and a pair of Karen Walker Flowerpatch sunnies.

2. Jet Setting G&P Style

 image source:  Super Queen

image source: Super Queen

Throwing on a little Juicy Couture Paradise Velour, packing up the hot wheels, and road tripping to some place simple but vibrant and life giving like a Palm Springs where you check into The Parker or The Saguaro and you check for every attraction mentioned within Blair Sabol's 'Palm Springs Pilgrimage' piece for the New York Social Diary.

3.Decorating with classic Juicy Ad's

 Image Source:  Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

You enact a treasure hunt to track down Classic Juicy Couture Billboard Ad's to be hung on some lonesome wall within the home for a subtle pop of color and a little fanfare, amongst things like a Terrace Bar Cart & Kelly Wearstler Kisses

4. Read & Write

 Image Source: amazon

Image Source: amazon

You ferociously tear through each page of Pam & Gela's part business manual, part memoir 'The Glitter Plan', as you lounge about enchantingly dolled down in a Juicy Ruffle Robe with a Guerlain La Petite Robe Tinted lip and cheek for a subtle hint of pizzazz, casually taking sips of a sparkling water with a wedge of lime, as you jot down memorable notes in a 'My Juicy Thoughts' Journal.

5. Entertain

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image source: google

You host Le crew for a Sex & The City marathon night, where you your quote fav lines from the show and swap memorable stories from your Juicy past as each of you gals are draped in Juicy-esq ensembles such as Vetements x Juicy Couture Velour Sweatshirts & Juicy Denim Shirting Chambray Tops whilst giggling over glasses of Prosecco and some deeply delectable confection spread.

6. Take Care

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image source: Pinterest

You pamper yourself with laughter, self love, Glamglow Mud Mask, Daily Mantra's, and Juicy self care rituals such as: energy cleansing, and Yoni steams, Personalized Healing Sessions, and various light hearted energy lifting things!

Ahhh!!! Doesn't it all just make you nostalgic for days of old when Juicy Couture seemed as if it were spun from cotton candy dreams and pure gold and every Celebutante raging past the paps looked like a colorfully coated mesh of mess and lavish velour? Good times for sure!

Oh and just one more thing to remember before you jet, real true blue Juicy GRLs of the G&P Era Never Say Die! Keep Calm & Couture on!

Darling 'Juicy Specialist' Bonnie