"Nothing says 'Hi I'm fabulous, I speak chic, & I mean business' more than a little bling. . . I really think that's why rappers get chains!" - Me

 Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

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My Obsession. . .

So I've decided that the social club needs its own crest, you know like a coat of arms, to show how prestigious and amazing we are, to represent our familial ties to one another because as we all should take note of now Framily is slowly replacing the idea of traditional families more and more day by day and part of the reason I've launched this whole social club is to build a tribe of like minded individuals with style and grace who actually like each other and not just in a, "I'll refrain from stabbing you with a fork over turkey & dressing at the Thanksgiving dinner table and forget I know you the for rest of the year because in reality I loathe you" type of like. I mean really like, love, connect with, and thoroughly enjoy one another type of like.
Like the gals of Sex and The City,

 Image Source:  Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

or the dysfunctional and hysterical crew of Will and Grace

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Image Source: Flicker

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image source: modcloth

I mean I'm not trying to make us into some unrealistic cast of a stylish & successful habit forming HBO show, or a prime time sitcom, or even a late 80's adventure comedy but I am setting out to build strong bonds amongst progressive people in a very fabulous vintage meets modern way. And what better way to bind people that way than with jewelry!? 😃  I think we need signet rings!

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image source: Pinterest

And engraved on them should be said crest that I mentioned up above! Okay so maybe the crest is a bit much, perhaps we'll do the low key chic thing and just leave it blank as if we're some form of a secret society. Or perhaps we should all have our own symbols on them as to represent our individuality. Idk exactly yet but I do know that we most definitely need something, because these types of things use to be used (and still are in some tradition obsessed families) to, among other things, represent people's high ranking position's in society ( and also to press the family crest into wax seals & things but who cares about that part) and I mean I've deemed that we are beyond even high society, we're DBXCO! and that's saying something MAJOR and what better way to make a major statement than with a little signet engraved gold worn with pride, glory, love, and style! We'll sport them with our cat eye sunnies & oversized frames, whilst being dripped out in pearls & draped in some deeply preppy meets street attire like an urban luxe version of

The Hilfigers

 Image Source:  Fashion Foie Gras

Image Source: Fashion Foie Gras

or even a 90s Chanel ad

Darling Bonnie's Social Diary | 'Signet Rings & Traditional Things'


looking as if we belong to some plush country club for dope women with impeccable taste & a great deal of sass!

Because I guess in reality. . . . Now we do! OMG I'm so into this!

What say you gals? Let me know below!


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