Bad Business & Bomb Meals (On Valencia)

"Homegirl should've behaved better. Now I dislike her & her establishment and she'll never see my business again."- Darling Bonnie

 Image Source:  Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

Date Stated: Saturday December 17, 2016 ⚡️ Time: 1:22 PM⚡️ Location: Farina | Valencia St, San Francisco ⚡️ Mood: Snarky ⚡️ Activity: Leaving the Thread Lounge, Sitting down for lunch at Farina ⚡️Track Of The Day (playing inside of Farina): 'I Remember'-  Kaskade & deadmau5

The Adventure. . . .

 Image Source: Darling Bonnie's iPhone 6s

Image Source: Darling Bonnie's iPhone 6s

Over the bridge and into the city! On this particular day we had beaming sun ray's paired with chilled weather, art alley's, street vendors hocking old vinyl and assorted antiques, a trendy sea of hipsters crowded together on sidewalks lined with trees & decked out in Dia de los muertos designs in a half semi-seedy, half gentrified neighborhood found in The Mission.

Image Source: Darling Bonnie's iPhone 6s

Ahh Yes Valencia St. San Francisco

Have You Been?!?

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It's seems on this particular Saturday everyone was buzzing about travel, particularly Thailand. I unintentionally eavesdropped on 3 different conversations with 3 different gals speaking about a planned trip with the same destination! (Perhaps the Universe was attempting to communicate something to me.)

 Image Source:  The Culture Trip

Image Source: The Culture Trip

Girl A: Was selling her household goods (presumably from a craigslist ad) to a guy who, as I passed by, was loading the items into his truck bed & I hear him curiously ask, "Where you going anyway?" Her Response: Thailand.

Girl B: Chatted excitedly via mobile phone about her upcoming 20 Hour take off to where? Thailand.

Though it was Girl C whom I found particularly interesting. Adorable angelic faced Asian girl giddily gossiping with a girlfriend inside of entryway of The Thread Lounge about a dinner date she'd just had at Top Of The Mark with her new boyfriend who laid out a travel itinerary and invitation for her to The Maldives and where else? You guessed it, Thailand! . . . Sounds like you stumbled upon someone interesting girl, hang on to that adventure for awhile! Unless of course he turns out to be a complete psycho, in that case. . . RUN!

Speaking Of The Thread Lounge. . .

The Thread Lounge | 724 Valencia St. San Francisco, CA 94110

(would of put a pic here but the owner told me image taking wasn't permitted. . . it was actually more like she looked at me with cold eyes and said "upp no, no".)
I dropped in a few months back and was initially smitten with the luxe bohemian vibe and the absolutely adorable Alejandro who tended to me on my 1st trip in. I was all too jazzed to return only to find myself very quickly dejazzed by my lackluster 2nd experience which had a great deal to do with the thinly veiled disinterest the owner held toward my mother and I until overhearing me mention something about my blog and then becoming overtly over attentive and disingenuous. BLAH. . . . An assortment of various over priced albeit beautiful items, horrible customer service, & uncomfortable energy in short, I'm never going back. However while there I did snag the uber cute Lacroix notebook that I actually just blogged about in 'AND VOGUE' in fact it was a statement about said notebook & the blog that initially drew Colleen, "the disingenuous shop owner's", attention to me in the 1st place. Then it was all:

"Oh I love your Red Lip"


"My mother use to use say blah blah blah who cares"


"oh let me show you these gloves and this copper water bottle and tell you all about its health benefits"

. . . 😒 girl bye.

Do I think this was a race thing? Don't know. Was I the only lovely little black gal in there? Aside from my mom. . . Yes! Will I ever return? In the words of the late, great Whitney Houston, "Hell to the nah Bobby!" In hindsight I probably should've left the notebook behind along with whatever else my mother purchased but you know what they say hindsight is 20/20 plus we weren't 100% sure what to make of the experience until we'd left and chatted about it over Neapolitan pies inside of Farina.

Now With Farina I Fell In Absolute Love. . .

Farina Pizza & Cucina Italiana | 700 Valencia St. San Francisco, Ca 94110

Chic black, white, and wood glossy decor, fresh floral in vast vases, charming & genuinely kind staff with alluring accents, I could do without the subtle comic book theme but other then that I wouldn't change a thing!

There I feasted on a wild arugula salad served with Barlett pears, fennel, Parmesan, walnuts, olives, and a savory champagne vinaigrette

Bad Business & Bomb Meals

& a delish pie that came with San Marzano tomatoes, fior di latte mozzarella
romano cheese, olive oil, basil & spicy salame in addition to a couple of Bellini's (my fav) (my mom ordered the classic Margherita and a glass of Rosè)

Bad Business & Bomb Meals

Their gloriously wide window set up allowed me to feast, as I simultaneously watched attractions walk by:
A couple of fashion girls decked out in trendy semi- baggy 90's looks paired with The Givenchy 2014 Antigona Rottweiler tote & the other sporting a more current but no less conspicuous GucciGhost tote, both wearing the "I'm obviously far less cool on the inside then I pretend to be on the outside look but check out my amazing bag" vibes and to them I say go on girls and keep going to find yourself, love the bags though! There too was a darling girl with a mint green pixie hair cut, and a few looky loo's watching me watch them, among an assortment of picture worthy hipsters that I didn't photograph and a few old money couples I suppose just out looking for a thrill!

Valencia St. is full of color and culture. Do drop by when you find the time. Skip The Thread Lounge but do dine at Farina or The Burger Joint just down the way at 807 Valencia. I dropped in there on a separate occasion and found myself smitten with the vintage diner setting, the amazing R&B playlist, and marvelous service given by the woman whom I presumed to be the owner and the all natural burger and fries were not nearly half bad either, definitely a delightful quick dine! Check it out!


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