dbsdiary - Entry No.1

"Do You think Vogue Living would come and photograph my jewel box ? I mean it's not JUST A Dwelling after all . . . It's really more like an exclusive experience!" - Me

Darling Bonnie

Date Stated: December 3, 2016⚡️ Time: 10:28 AM⚡️ Mood: Curious + Annoyed with this acid reflux that I have that I presume is a result of the post 8PM Rock Wall Monte Rosso Zin + Truffle Fries that I had last night⚡️  Activity: Simultaneously browsing The Vogue Living IG Account + Reading 'Master Of The House' in Vanity Fair Style Issue N0.673 September '16 -- side note: I keep magazines around for months, taking my time to read each and every article when I am ready. ⚡️Currently Playing: Rick Braun's rendition of Simply Red's 'Holdin' Back The Years'

My Thoughts. . . .

So I've been thinking a great deal about my interior aesthetic lately. And I've decided that it's divine enough to be featured within the pages of Vogue Living ! I mean because really I live En Vogue and therefore I should not be left out. I exemplify all of the qualities that one should be looking for in a personality: classic, fun, personable, chic, and just shy of being the kind of eccentric that could constitute as certifiably crazy. . . You know, like a Vreeland!

 Image Source:  Harper's Bazaar

Image Source: Harper's Bazaar

I mean honey come on what more could you want? And obviously my personality is all very reflective in my space, a space that I feel should be photographed and published. Because it's as Gunilla Garson Goldberg stated in The First Wives Club:

"your house is your calling card. It has to be perfected. Photographed. Published."

 Image Source:  Movie House Husband

Image Source: Movie House Husband


& the publication that I've settled on for my calling card's publishing is Vogue Living.

So here is my love note/ invitation to the Staff Of Vogue living:


In Other news. . .

 I've reached a new plateau within myself and in life in general and as a result I've at last put my music dealings to bed once and for all and moved on and up indefinitely, here to the palace of my dreams otherwise known as: Darling Bonnie's Social Club or DBXCO. for short! & aren't we all just thrilled about that?!!  Now I'm fully devoted to sharing my life, lifestyle, general style, obsessions, adventures, and so much more here for myself & every form of chic & amazing upscale gal to enjoy, discuss, bond over, learn from, laugh and live with, and look to for worthwhile life & lifestyle ideas, advice and inspo!


 Image Source:

Image Source:

Here's How It Works:

Darling Bonnie's Social Club Sections

I'll begin each week (Monday's) with a new Diary entry (much like the one here) where I'll present my life, adventures, thoughts, lifestyle, obsessions, etc.
I'll then follow that up on Thursday's with a Handbook entry which will give you a how to guide that relates to topics covered in that week's diary entry.

dbxco. side note

The Directory works as the guide to the places and people I've mentioned within my Handbook and Diary
And the Dictionary works as the guide to my haute couture lingo, and by haute couture I mean tailor made for me (& by me).
 Every Friday a Social Club Newsletter is shipped out to members filled with super fun DBXCO. style things!
 & of course in time we'll do meet ups and various other little cute events and giveaways and so many other amazing things for sure! So in short this is the beginning of something magical and amazing!  Something that every gal with good style and a taste for empowerment should get into!
Let's do this! 💁🏽😎

oh & p.s.: Comment sections were made for internet parties, so let's get social there shall we?!

(*raises champagne coupe full of Prosecco)

Cheers To New Beginnings & Vogue Living

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