entry no.4 - good vibes & true tribes

"I remember seeing her once in a crowded RV at Glastonbury (she was in black fur), and then again at a friend's wedding last summer. Both times she was one of many fashionable friends, not the fashionable friend." - 'Brave New Sienna' Porter Magazine Issue No. 15

 Image Source:  W Magazine

Image Source: W Magazine

Date: December 19, 2016 ⚡️ Time: 9:14 A.M ⚡️ Mood: Chill ⚡️ Activity: Contemplative Thinking ⚡️Currently Playing: 'I'm So Into You' - Fabolous FT. Tamia


My Thoughts . . . .

You know what I've learned the hard way? It's that genuine community greatness is a strength, nay a precious asset in life. Winning together, elevating one another, slaying in unison, being on the same page or at the very least in the same book, aiding in the progression of a tribal wide growth should be among the core values of every crew. Anything else is asinine. It's like if you're the one dope friend and all of your other friends (in your mind) are hopeless, then honey YOU'RE doing something wrong 😳. Like after all does attract like and creates more like matters. So if you feel as if you don't like what you're attracting & creating, make necessary selfie adjustments IMMEDIATELY!

 Image Source:  Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

Like remember when Cady Heron

 Image Source:  Mean Girls Wika

Image Source: Mean Girls Wika

completely lost her true & best self when she got mixed up with The Plastics and then became something she loathed & began burn booking & lying . . . a lot.

 Image Source:  IndieWire

Image Source: IndieWire

It was tacky & she knew it! Which is why eventually she had to make a change, she fessed up to the whole Ms. Norbury is a dope dealer rumor among a slew of other things,

 Image Source:  Buzzfeed

Image Source: Buzzfeed

disconnected herself from the clique that held her back from greatness, realigned with the Mathletes 🙈 and ultimately prevailed! I mean her little pink cashmere sweater was cute and all but I definitely prefer the demeanor of plaid shirt Cady fresh from Africa!

 Image Source:  Mean Girls Wika

Image Source: Mean Girls Wika

Well actually if I'm to speak truthfully, I prefer the demeanor of "Post DRAMATIC stress, I've come to my senses and lived through some things" Cady whose naivety had been melted by petty high school jungle style drama & the suburban version of "high fashion."

The Point Of It All Is This

I know at times we feel as if we have to stay connected to people, places, & things because they've been apart of our worlds or lives for so long or at the very least for a short but deep period & it would be seemingly disloyal to leave it or them behind. Or perhaps we stay because of FOMO, and feel as if there'd be an aspect of something we'd miss should we choose to walk away from something or someone that no longer fits or in the case of Cady, never truly fit to begin with. However, the truth is we outgrow people, places, and situations just like we do clothes and who wants to spend the remainder of their life feeling like a stuffed sausage in a dress 7 sizes too small & a pair of pumps that buckle when we walk because they can't take the weight?  Not I, said Darling Bonnie! There comes a time when one must grow up, bust out, and put the outdated things behind them. 

 Image Source:  Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

I find that being surrounded by like minded individuals or else people that I can learn from, getting high off of general group elevation and worthwhile conversations betwixt people who not only truly "get it" (and when I say it I mean that silent humming at your core on which the foundation of your life is being built on) but also nurture it as you do theirs is one of the absolute GREATEST FEELINGS in the universe. It's an ultimate GOOD VIBE!

I've also found that the levels of detriment that I place on my own betterment by staying aligned with that which isn't truly for me can be fatal, murdering me mind, body, and spirit one slow moment at a time. I've learned that one shouldn't waste their life playing small. Just because you were born into or have been caught up in a certain scenario for a good portion of time doesn't mean that you belong or have to remain there. I believe in finding people, places, and situations that are like the true me or else like something I'd like to be. People, places, and things that contribute to my spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional development! & I've learned that, that is not just perfectly OKAY but necessary and vital for life and living. Something of which I should have no guilt about or the need to apologize for.

If you find that you're really not interested in, being held back or harmed by, or feeling deeply disconnected from the people, places, & things that you're surrounded by, check yourself, raise the rent on your life and move on. Because really you're not doing anyone any favors, least of all yourself, by playing small &/or being inauthentic. Remember like it or not, we are the company that we keep!

Cheers to good vibes and true tribes.


Darling Bonnie

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