"I've always imagined myself as more of a Blair Waldorf type of gal, but this is all making me feel very Poppy Lifton. . . you know, the Ponzi scheming faux-cialite?. . . I mean sans that tacky ponzi scheming business obviously. . . and with cuter hair, better clothes, & good moral decency irrevocably . . . oh and also minus that desperate need to be friends with real socialites. . . Ok I'm back to being Blair. . . or even better still how about this? I always have been & always will be Darling Bonnie, now there's an inspiring character if I ever did see . . . or make one!💁🏽👸🏾💅🏾" - Darling Bonnie

 Left To Right: Blair, Poppy, Darling Bonnie!

Left To Right: Blair, Poppy, Darling Bonnie!

Date Stated: 1/24/17 ⚡️Time: 12:29 AM ⚡️Location: My Jewel Box ⚡️Mood: Shocked, Appalled, Motivated & Thankful ⚡️Activity: Mildly Stalking Hannah Bronfman whilst having a Gossip Girl Marathon ⚡️ Track Of The Day: Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani Ft. Eve


My Revelation . . .

So it's a Tuesday night,  the night you're laying in bed mildly stalking someone via Google searches as one is wont to do before bed as they lay beneath an electric blanket in an embroidered red baby doll. . . and when I say as one is wont to do I mean me. . . as I'm wont to do as I lie in bed beneath a plush electric blanket in an embroidered red baby doll. . . . But let's not quibble. In any event you read several sparse articles and have scammed through. . . I don't know, literally 10's & 20's of pictures of some well known rich girl entity that you've discovered via Instagram and it hits you . . .

Oh My Fucking Goddess. I'm delusional 😳. . . .

I am not some privileged white girl from a well to do family, with a limitless credit card and very little to no concern about my financial future. Dear Mom, Thanx! You sure screwed me! and I don't mean by not birthing me into wealth, total opulence, and complete privilege,  but in giving me a life good enough that I could live with such grand delusions and not realize how insane I was, by giving me a life flushed with things to feed my imagination and creativity, and keep me comfortable enough to believe that we had it made!

Upon realizing these things I to have learned what else I do have to be thankful for, I to realize how blessed and privileged I am to have been born into the life that was made for me, one that I've come to think of as a sort of an Urban Preppy Life. (more on that some other time). How fortunate I am to be in love with being a charming dollfaced black gal from the ever amazing culture soaked Bay Area, who grew up with a couple of Buppie parents and an immensely active imagination, and some sincere high style characters to accompany her on her journey through this wonderland that we call earth.

I to am utterly fortunate to know what life is like on both sides of the tracks and to be able to credit my own ingenuity, hard work, and effort for any success that I acquire to my drive to provide for myself the lifestyle & settings of my daydreams. . . Also here's a big secret I've unmasked: all the fun lies not just in the destination itself but in the journey getting there. It's what you discover about yourself, about life, about the world that makes the destination fulfilling and worthwhile & helps you to understand that you acquire all of the true treasure & wealth doing the work, because that's where adventure lies, & that's where evolution takes place & that is the whole purpose of this life business anyhow.

Anyway it hits you, you're not one of them, the rich kids I mean

& you make a NOTE TO SELF (... & OTHERS):

Girl, You are one of you and that's worth more than it's weight in gold. Capitalize on your strengths & strengthen your weaknesses instead of spending all of your time gazing in other girls windows imagining yourself to be as they are. They are them and you are you and that is your power. Now activate it. Full speed ahead. 


Darling 'Proud to be ME' Bonnie

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