"Wanna kill a girl's sparkle? Move her to the suburbs." - Darling Bonnie

 Image Source:  New York Times

Image Source: New York Times

Date: 12/27/2016 ⚡️ Time: 10:46 AM⚡️ Currently Playing: Earned It - The Weeknd ⚡️Activity: Reading Zen & The Art Of Hotel Living ⚡️Mood: Mellow

My Thoughts & Confession. . . .

Le sigh now before I begin perhaps I should give a mild disclaimer in saying that this is not intended to offend anyone because I do in fact know some perfectly lovely people who just so happen to live in awful suburbs, like My sister & My Sisters' from other Ms's. & Mr.'s who are not my parents, the girls otherwise known as My Framily. ..


Here we all are at the Supperclub SF for my birthday a few years ago. That's my sister standing directly behind me, to the right of her is Crystal, to the left of her is Caron, and to the left of Caron is Shanel. Love these gals! & for the record they are the exception, they do live in and seemingly enjoy the suburbs 🙈 but it's failed to steal their sparkle, gotta love girls with resilience & I do!

However I DETEST suburbia.

In fact I'm considering crafting as one of the 1st DBXCO. merch items a t-shirt that reads: 'Hell is Suburbia'. Yes the feeling is that strong! Have I ever lived in suburbia? Oh dear God honey, Yes! My parents made that awful decision at a critical point in my life that nearly fatally clipped this rare bird's wing's and held me down for life. 🙈 It was all too tragic. I get the vapors just thinking about it. (*puts back of hand to forehead and falls back dramatically.)

 Image Source:  Good Reads

Image Source: Good Reads

Here allow me to briefly get into it and why I loathe it so.

To begin, what brought this topic about you ask? Well! Here I am being my usual amazing self sitting atop my bench before a portable heater with my morning cup of black coffee dressed in simple French Connection Velvet Leggings and a cozy albeit somewhat itchy but lovely wool charcoal grey turtle neck sweater


Reading 'Zen & The Art Of Hotel Living' by Glenn O'Brien via The Standard Hotels Blog, adding a slew of Glenn O'Brien books to my extensive Amazon Wishlist, and I came across this Maripol book,

 Image Source:  Amazon

Image Source: Amazon

The same Maripol book that sits atop the living room table of my dear friend Amina,

who is a kindred sparkling spirit & also somewhat a creative muse of mine (as some of my select friends are), and somehow in that moment I was snapped back to our time living together in a charming condo in the Adams Point Neighborhood,


and I thought of our many varied discussions that encompassed a whole range of things including the horrors of suburbia and the God awful things that it can do to one's lifestyle and taste level, though in those conversations I obviously was the only one who had actually suffered through that bit of tortured hell. Amina rescued me in a way setting me back right after my parents had exposed me to what might as well have been black mold only it doesn't harm the physical body but rather does terrible things to the psyche and creative spirit of a sparkling gal, looking to make an adventurous life full of culture, creativity, style, luxury, charm, charisma, character, color, and fun.

Anyway it was then during that trip down memory lane that I was accosted by terribly dry thoughts of drab colors and horrible commutes and began thinking at length about the horrors, dangers, and misfortunes that come about when one is doing suburban living and I thought about the general accuracy that was bred during those fruitful discussions that I'd hosted with Amina nearly 10 years ago . . . my goodness did I just say that? 10 years? . Really??? Thanx for the reminder Age God's.😒

(* Redeeming Parental Side Note: My parents did do amazing renovations to their home & certainly didn't buy in one of those deeply identical neighborhoods, they only lost part of their minds when moving to the suburbs not their whole mind & certainly not their taste level, henceforth why my mom opted to go back to city living upon coming to her senses years later.)

The Point Of It All Is This. . . .

Living in the suburbs for me was a set back not a come up. It really is a fatal wound if you're there long enough. It will suck the life out of you and turn you into one of those poorly or else basically dressed bore whores who drives an suv or basic ass bmw or Benz and takes the kids to play land on the weekend and lives for Mommy & Me groups because they serve wine and more wine and a side of shut up, leave me alone, & play with your friends (or at least that's how I imagine it, I don't have children so really know very little about Mommy & Me groups). Suburbs are culturally barren dead ends, late ass time warps filled with practically identical housing, parks with freshly clipped grass, and confused people. They're quiet which will do you well if you want to get out of the city for a 2 day maximum to quickly clear your head with no bustling life playing in the backdrop. They're boring. They all contain the same damn thing: CVS, Wal Mart, Target, Barnes and Nobles (if you're lucky) a movie theater, and every chain restaurant one could think of to kill a designer food palate and clog an artery. Yuck. I'm over this piece already. Don't wanna go on any further. Feel as if I'm clouding my space with bad suburban juju. Gonna go burn white candles and bundled sage and pray to a city God right now. TTFN.

xo - DB

Oh wait . . . .

P.S. Just to somewhat end this thing on a positive note, while doing one of those dreadful visits with my sister and her delightful family we did drop into a Mimi's Cafe, I was overjoyed to find that they had a decent mimosa menu, so I could have a champagne sedation during my visit to misery! I enjoyed that!. . . I always find the dark clouds silver lining. . . or cocktails 💁🏽!


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