Image Source:  Racked

Image Source: Racked

"I dream in Carter's often, but lately it's been all about Beyoncé!"

Date Stated: 2/14/17 ⚡️ Time: 8:34 AM ⚡️ Location: DBXCO. Club•House ⚡️ Activity: Basking in the morning sun • Having Morning Coffee In A World Market 'Good Morning' Mug ⚡️ Track Of The Day: 'Shining' DJ Khaled FT. Beyoncé & Jay-Z ⚡️ Mood: Elated & Electric

My Confession . . . .

The Carter's frequent my dreams often

 Image Source:  Vagalume

Image Source: Vagalume

. . . I mean, it's almost as if my dreams are their social club on another realm. . . . which I'm actually totally into!

 Image Source:  Beyonce's Tumblr

Image Source: Beyonce's Tumblr

 Image Source:  Beyonce's Tumblr

Image Source: Beyonce's Tumblr

My waking imagination is an active high style urban luxury playground, so obvi my sleeping dreams are like some form of a chic wonderland that anyone would enjoy! . . . Well except when they're not & I wake up sweaty & paranoid that someone's trying to get me .  . . But I digress.

Anyway Beyoncé's been stopping by to hang out often lately, clad in Alessandro Michele's Gucci. . . .

 Image Source: Racked

Image Source: Racked

and speaking some foreign language that I can understand in my sleep but cannot for the life of me decipher when I'm awake. In last nights sleep time episode she was turning demonic beings into cherub faced Glamazons with good moral structure. Now, I'm quite sure that this is in some manner related to that heavenly display of Black Girl Goddess Magic that she performed before our very eyes via the Grammy's Stage Sunday Night.

 Image Source:  Hip Hop DX

Image Source: Hip Hop DX

But I mean aside from that whatever does it all translate into????  I mean beyond the obvious fact that: Beysus Christ is in reality a Holy Deity roaming Earth amongst mere mortals performing miraculous acts whilst singing like an angel & being draped in high end designer threads. . . Hmph don't know, but I'll keep ya posted!



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