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My confession . . . . 

Juicy Couture at one point in time ran my life!

 Image Source:  Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

I was uberly obsessed with the colors, the culture, the tracksuits!

 Image Source:  Miseducated.net

Image Source: Miseducated.net

& what a formative and memorable point in life that twas. I was but a mere 19 year old college dropout & diamond in the rough & wild who was living for the SF night life and spending my days behind the juniors department cashier counter at Macy's Concord where I was a Star Counsel Sales Associate & Rocawear specialist grouped together with a slew of other late teen/early 20s girls full of pizazz & draped in Macy's juniors department duds. It was the height of the Hyphy movement and we were like a little Juicy clad sorority that worked together, partied together, shopped together. We swore by relatively unknown MIA Videos,


 Image Source:  Mashable

Image Source: Mashable

& irresponsible underage drinking which led to sleeping off hangovers atop piles of "on hold" clothes in the fitting room. There was also an affinity for Mrs.Fields cookies, which I made a habit of purchasing daily, so much so that our den father of a manager Robert, God Bless him for putting up with us, begun referring to them as crack cookies.

Ha, fun times!

Independently, I was into things like rap group friends with the same name, Pink Motorola Razrs,

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Image Source: Amazon

Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie Books 🙈,

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Image Source: Amazon

 Image Source:  Amazon

Image Source: Amazon

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Image Source: Pinterest

 Run's House + an assortment of Juicy 'Daydreamer' tote bags

 Image Source:  Nordstrom

Image Source: Nordstrom

and Velour tracksuits! 

 Image Source:  Fast Design Co.

Image Source: Fast Design Co.

Aww the good ol days, the early noughties, when shameless socialites were all the rage, The Simple Life seemed moderately relatable, Kim K. was just rising to prominence & Real World housemate was actually a life goal of many!

I feel every true social club girl worth her salt had some form of a deep and transformative Juicy phase wrought with scandal, velour twin sets, early 2000s reality show style drama, & intrigue . . Or at least she should have!  However, these days I feel more Nicky Rothschild than Paris Hilton but still none the less there will always be a spark in my heart for the era of G&P velour tracksuits & handbags, Paris Hilton & that Pink Bentley and complete MySpace mania. Aw Juicy Good times! 


Darling 'Former Juicy GRL' Bonnie

P.S though: I'm still thoroughly obsessed with Nicole Richie !!!!

 Image Source: The Coveteur

Image Source: The Coveteur

. . . & actually I'm more obsessed now then I was then! What an amazing example of a wild child turned worthwhile adult. And by worthwhile I mean matured into a truly stylish, seemingly personable, and highly photogenic, olive skinned doll with a blithesome sense of humor, stand up values, moves like a Studio 54 Bianca Jagger, and a Good Charlotte-esq moral compass. J'adore her! 

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