Vreeland, Diana

Darling Bonnie' Notes:

"I discovered Diana (pronounced DEE-AH-NA). . . Yikes I'm not sure maybe about 8 years or so ago now, I'd learned about her through. . .  hmm well I don't quite know and who really cares about that part anyway right? The bottom line is, if you know nothing of her & you're truly into fashion, lifestyle, eccentricity, BIG personalities, and true personal style then honey I'd advise you to get all the way into her NOW! Such an intriguing life, such an active imagination, such a marvelous legacy left behind. She is without doubt someone I idolize. . . and I don't say that often. . . in fact I don't say that ever unless we're talking about Oprah, Maya Angelou, or Jay-Z. I love a lot of people a great deal but only a chosen few are idols and she is one! What I wouldn't give to have had sparkling conversations with her at a dinner party in her 'Garden In Hell'! That's what she referred to her little Jewel Box New York apartment as. . . A Garden In Hell! Ha! What a riot! xo, DB"

Image Sources: DianaVreeland.Com

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