Darling Bonnie's Notes:

"If you follow me via snap (darlingbonniexo . . . in case you were wondering about my username 😏) then you'd probably think that this place and I never seem to part. I go there practically every two weeks post mani/pedi except on very rare occasions when I venture out elsewhere. But it's literally one block away from my nail shop, I have to pass it to get home (I probably shouldn't put that kinda info online, I know the world is full of sickos just looking for prey in fancy clothing. . . well keep looking, because I am certainly not here for it). anyways there it always stands looking luxurious and alluring, pleading with me to come in for some sanctuary, and who am I to argue with such a fine establishment? And so there I am, Me & My Kiwi champagne cocktail, appetizers, and often with delightful company in the form of My Mom & Our Framily: Sara, Hannah, & my Jiji. It's not just a hotel bar anymore, it's become more like. . . well, a Social Club institution😃! xo, DB"

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