Darling Bonnie's Notes:

"Every girl of a certain age, and by certain age I mean my age, and when I say my age I mean 30, anyways every gal of a certain age certainly has had her time with Cady & crew. We've identified in some manner or another with her ways. Or maybe it was just I. Not gonna lie I've been Cady once before in my life & when I say I've been Cady I don't just mean sweet plaid shirt, "Jambo I'm from Africa" Cady, I mean take down Regina George, turn into Queen B & do awful things Cady. Just the same I've been Regina as well, and I don't just mean bitchy Regina who said cute skirt & then turned around & said that is the ugliest effin skirt I've ever seen, for the record I've never done that, I would of just said to the person instead that is the ugliest effin skirt I've ever seen, but anyways the point is I've been Regina too. I've long since outgrown both phases thank Goddess And. . .  ahh f*ck it, I'm over this. Shop the look, watch the movie. . . We all know everything about & love Mean Girls, It's a Clubhouse Classic. Don't deny it. xo, DB!"

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