Darling Bonnie's Obsessions | 12/28/16

The Woman I Wanted To Be

 Absolutely beautiful book, written in an easy tone by an icon. It makes you feel as if you're being mentored on life by a woman who knows how to live it well, which is why I love autobiographical books written by women who have LIVED and continue to do so!

2. Tatianna Tarot

 Image Source:  Twitter

Image Source: Twitter

 I live for her daily tarot readings via Instagram, she's always posting exactness and pushing you to understand self and the workings of spirit, universe, mind, and life on a far more intuitive level. No BS, No pretense. Her craft is PURE and will open up your mind and your world in magical way. Get into her!

3. 'Maniac' - Jhene Aiko

This has been out for a few months now, but I've just recently gotten into the act of playing it repeatedly. Huge fan of all of Jhene's work! Have been since The 'Sailing Souls'(2011) Mixtape. She's definitely on my list of top 5 fav current artist. I was also uberly obsessed earlier in the year with that 'B's & H's' track she released. Her music seems to resonate with me which is interesting considering . . . umm never mind.

4. Hannah Bronfman & Brendan Fallis

 Image Source:  Zimbio

Image Source: Zimbio

 One of my fav "it" couples. Adore watching their Instagram vids and love when Hannah does the LIVE instagram chat situation. Both are DJ's, she also runs HBFIT, a brand she created that is based on health, beauty, & fitness, while Brendan is also manager to Theophilus London, both are entrepreneurs and health & wellness junkies (I'm very much into that) with uberly chic urban jet-setter lifestyles that mesh very well together. Overall inspiring couple. Hannah is a bit of a superwoman, she comes from money but ultimately built her own thing utilizing her own natural strengths which is obviously always amazing to report. I recommend getting into their vibe by googling them, watching youtube vids and following them via IG!

5. Jeffrey Campbell x Free People 'Crown Jewel' Loafers

 Image Source:  Shopstyle

Image Source: Shopstyle

 I love a good jeweled shoe. I had a very special pair of vintage jeweled Beverly Feldman's that I literally wore into the ground & I have been devastated ever since. I even kept them in my closet for awhile to sad to let go, but I ultimately wound up throwing them out as I am a notorious purger who hates clutter, but loves a good new jeweled thing that actS as an updated version of an old thing, do you get me?

6. Auntie Mame (1958)

1st of all Rosalind Russell is a Golden Era Hollywood film Goddess whom I adore!!!! The Women, Gypsy, His Girl Friday! Yes! I love them ALL (insider secret: I am a classic film junkie. . . . Like a real one. it's borderline problematic) BUT THIS ONE takes the ultimate cake for me as I feel that Auntie Mame embodies a lot of what I am: fabulous, ridiculously eccentric, glamorous, and a full blown party of one. What I wouldn't give to have had the real Auntie Mame at a dinner party. Le sigh. The book this film was adapted from is definitely high on my extensive Amazon wishlist which contains well over 1,000 books, don't believe me take a peek if you'd like! Reading is LIFE for me!