Darling Bonnie's Obsessions | 1/10/17

 Image Source:  Aureta By Daisy Donohoe
 Image Source:  Instagram

Image Source: Instagram

1. Aureta - This is what you call a True Blue f*cking Glamour Girl! There are people who put on clothes and then there are those of us who GET DRESSED and this glamorously divine being falls into category number two! Dressing is obviously an art form for her! & honey let me tell you that real always recognizes real and when it comes to elevating dressing to a high art this gal is presently as real as they come! Which is probably why she's represented by W Magazine! I discovered her some time ago with her equally amazing and stylish film quality friend Daisy Donohoe, who's responsible for that glorious leopard print backdrop photo up above and whose Zizi Donohoe Fur can be found in the 1st Obsessions Post ever published here! If Aureta is The Glamour Mag Cover then Daisy is the Major Motion Picture character that the articles are referencing & obsessing about inside the Glamour Mag. It was Brendan Fallis, from Obsessions No. 3 whom I have to thank for the discovery of these chic babes that turn instagram into a pure high style human art show, it was via his stylishly instagrammble trip to the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic last year that Aureta & Daisy both were put on my radar & what an aesthetically rewarding discovery it twas!

 Image Source:  Rockstone Sessions

Image Source: Rockstone Sessions

2. 'Hello' Erykah Badu FT. Andre 3000 - Two years ago now Erykah released another classic project as Ms. Badu is wont to do. And though I loved the project in it's entirety, it was the last record on that project that captivated me the most.. . . & though I will kill and die for Badu & her vocals & lyrics on any record on any given day, it was Andre Benjamin's verse on that last record that really stole every valve, vessel, artery, and each beat of my heart. I mean. . . . like I can't even get into it, it goes deep. Suffice to say it's definitely one of those highly poetic & beautiful verses that I felt energetically bound to upon 1st listen and cried. . . YES! I said cried. If you had my life or know what I knew you would of been crying too. Ha! But in any event I rediscovered the verse this week and got goosebumps all over again and have since been keeping it on a loop which I'll do until I can't stand it anymore and then I'll go on to lose it again in the shuffle for awhile, just to find it again and have an even deeper experience with it . . . because sometimes that's the way love goes!

 Image Source:  Amazon

Image Source: Amazon

3. The Power Of Style - This is a bible of mine. No seriously. A bible. I read it every year and have been reading it every year for approximately 7 years now and sometimes I read it multiple times a year. Always taking away something new. These women did exactly what I wake up everyday aiming to do, make life into a living work of art.

 Image Source:  Shopstyle

Image Source: Shopstyle

4. Vintage Gatsby Poster - I love vintage. I love Gatsby. I love a great illustration. and Pink is sort of my thing on a good many days. So naturally upon finding this little gem during one of my Shopstyle hunts, I fell into some form of love. . . . I mean obviously right?!

5. Francis Ford Coppola Tratorria Glass - Oh My Dear Darling Coppola's!! Just to put you all on notice now this a name that you will see and hear a lot when dealing with me because I have formed with them a very deep and intense love affair. I mean Francis is like a creative genie who comes out of a wine bottle and doesn't even ask you what your wishes are but rather just presents you with some amazing sh*t that you couldn't even think to ask for and you find yourself eternally grateful. So anyway, my mom has been a Coppola Winery member from the beginning as such we have all kinds of little Coppola winery goodies. One said goodie is the Coppola Tratorria Wine Glass of which is said to be a Coppola Family favorite. It's good for everything from wine to juice but I utilize mine expressly to sip deep reds from whenever having a glass of wine on a mild day, it's very chicly relaxed and makes me feel as if I'm doing something authentically Italian!

 Image Source: Viktor & Rolf

Image Source: Viktor & Rolf


6. Viktor & Rolf's Secret Service - So I've made mention of the fact that my current signature scent is Flowerbomb, of which I've had mild flirtations with over the past couple of years but have finally made a full on commitment to... at least for the time being. In any event, as such my precious little baby brother, he's 17,  got me a new bottle for Xmas and I recognized for the 1st time a code and a set of instructions beneath the box top and the words 'secret service', all very hush, hush illumanati like. . . naturally I was into it. So I followed the instructions and unlocked a little world of Viktor & Rolf magic that invites me to get free goodies, so I utilized my very rusty french (of which I took in high school and promptly failed) and the google translator to fill out the form and hopefully they'll be sending me something delicious smelling and/or fun in the mail soon, I'll keep you all posted!