Darling Bonnie's Obsessions | 1/17/17


 Image Source:  Nike

Image Source: Nike

1. FKA TWIGS Nike Campaign

Picture it (*In my Sophia Petrillo Voice) Oakland like 3 days ago! I'm browsing my IG feed and stumble upon a clip of the divine creature called FKA TWIGS and an attractive pack of comrades spandexed out in fitness chic Nike attire with some sort of telling art stenciled upon her face of which I do not comprehend the meaning of. Nevertheless she speaks fluently in the clips in a language that I resonate with and understand viscerally, a language of hope, love, determination, and sheer well aligned authenticity

"Every since I was young, I knew that I was special. I ached to succeed. To heal. To make a difference in the world. To make deep & lasting connections with those who vibrated at a frequency that I recognize within myself. I hear my voice, I embrace my calling. I see Indigo in those who do not back down, who do not compromise, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. And so I ask do you believe in more?"

Well truthfully she had me at Hello! But then she went and added all that relatable exactness into the mix to further draw me in. And just to assure herself that the deal was sealed and I was caught up in whatever twinkling rapture she was conjuring she gave herself effortlessly to the music and begun killing various forms of Yoga meets Voguing meeting a belly dancing Ganesha style dance moves that one should dream of attempting at home. . . but that's an everyday thing for her, just check her Instagram Feed, lots of little treats of her Voguing & slaying & just generally being great. Gotta love that girl! & I am DEEPLY & UTTERLY OBSESSED with her new Nike campaign.

YES! FKA TWIGS! I do believe in more & I to am after the same indigo sky that you're pursuing! Keep going, Keep growing! xo, Darling Bonnie

 Image Source:  Interview Magazine

Image Source: Interview Magazine

 Image Source: Billboard.com

Image Source: Billboard.com

It's a treat for me to see any two sisters do anything together because it puts me in the mindset of my sister and I, who are only two years apart and ridiculously close. So I was thrilled to not only get to draw back the curtain a bit on Solange but to do it with her sister at the other end asking the questions, the sister who just so happens to be Beyonce. This interview gives you answers to questions like, "What Does Cranes In The Sky" mean? *slight spoiler: it has to do with the real estate boom & Miami being used as an analogy for transformation, & also "How did Beyonce do as a big sister?" Obviously better than my sister as they've only bumped heads enough times to count on one hand, we've far exceeded that in our youth alone, but I love the old gal no less. . .  my sister I mean. Anyways this isn't about me, it's about Solange who's interview made me pause and reflect a lot on my own life (because really this is about me I guess) and stages and transformations that I've grown through, as her album deals with transformation, as she reveals in the interview. She talks of finding your own indentity separate from individuals you've been so deeply ingrained with during your youth. She talks growing up in Houston & individuality & also how Master P reminds her a great deal of her father which is why she chose him to be a party to her project! Needless to say I enjoyed every bit of it. Thanx Solange my fellow Summer of 86 baby! I appreciate you, your art, your light, your being!


 Image Via: Universal Home Pictures

Image Via: Universal Home Pictures

3. To Wong Foo, Thanx For Everything Julie Newmar

One of my all time fav films. I mean come on! Road trips, vintage caddy's, drag queens, and glamour, what more can a Dream Girl ask for? I was compelled to watch this late Friday afternoon which you may have witnessed if you follow My Instagram video feed & I annoyingly mimicked the words to all of my fav parts and sang each of the tunes and even selected Barbra Streisand's 'Gotta Move' to go on last week's 'Sparkling Girls' Playlist because of it.

To Wong Foo, Thanx For Everything Darling Bonnie! . . . . I mean Julie Newmar😜


4. Naeem Khan Sleeveless Beaded Fringe Cocktail Dress

Speaking of Glamour! Who doesn't want to be a vixen in a roaring 20's Harlem Nights meets Modern day high style glamour puss Naeem Khan Fringe Cocktail Frock?! I'll tell you who does! ME!!! Honey, I'm here for it today & everyday there after!


 Image Source:  London Cut Cigars

Image Source: London Cut Cigars

I am obsessed with UrbanDaddy and have been for years. The clever titles, slick writing, and all around high style hipster content lures me in every time! I think the site was intended for boys, but who really cares about things like that in this gender fluid era? Plus I need to know things for the man of my future's sake as well, which is why I read each and every email. Not to mention how they're in a jet setting high glamour league of their own with their app which I utilize often when looking to spin fortunes wheel in order to answer that age old question:

Where should we go for dinner and/or cocktails tonight? 


 Image Source:  design scene.net

Image Source: design scene.net

6. Karolina Kurkova's Vanity Fair Italia December 14 Cover

I ran across this cover while searching Miles Aldrige photos for last week's 'Pleasantville' Handbook Post and I immediately began obsessing as I often do with Miles Aldrige images. But this one's obsessive compulsive craziness was a little different, it got me because of the following: 

No.1 I love anything that alludes to a dinner party

No.02 and a dinner party in Italy with Karolina Kurkova & lord knows who else fabulous, pink taper candles and antique table settings no less?!??!

Oh Mama Mary, Papa Joe, & Little Sweet Baby Jesus !!! Someone grab an antique fainting couch, I just may pass out!