Darling Bonnie's Obsessions | 1/3/2017

 Image Source:  Elle.com

Image Source: Elle.com

 Image Source:  Instagram

Image Source: Instagram

1. The (Concept) Beyonce Museum - So like most, I obsess over Beyonce, unlike most I've obsessed over her for far longer than others. (I had to put my petticoat on there because I feel an obvious closeness betwixt myself and both The Carter's, feeling as if they are in ways, Fairy God Parents of mine. . . just mine .  . . no one else's. . . no copycats). In any event there's another fellow obsessive compulsive Beyonce lover editing greatness at Elle, Kristina Rodulfo, who after hearing about The Parkwood Entertainment Holiday Party that came complete with a Lemonade costume exhibit, put her dedicated & creative mind to work curating a concept Beyonce museum of which I am all the way here for!!! Thanx and praises Kristina if ever I had to share The Carter's with another obsessive Bey devotee you'd get that spot girl! In closing I'd like to take the time to pray, everyone bow your head and repeat after me: Dearest Goddess, Please may you take the time from your obviously busy schedule somewhere between stopping world wars and brunching on Cloud 9 with Mary, to bring this conceptual amazingness into a divine reality immediately thanx & love you! Cheers (with the Wine Jesus made from water), DB.

 Image Source:  Takeit.to

Image Source: Takeit.to

2.Azzedine Alaïa By Ellen Von Unwerth - I fall down Youtube Rabbit holes ALL the time! & don't we all?! During one of those blessed trips I found this treasure! This is a special treat for all of us obsessed with 90's Supermodels, Azzedine Alaïa, fashion docus, and real life cinematic moments. Get into it!

 image source:  Amazon

image source: Amazon

3. Quaker Oatmeal Squares (Brown Sugar)- Currently my snack of choice. I don't even know how I got on these things but I love them. I eat them various times of day, with no milk because eww, poured within little black bowls purchased at World Market (another obsession of mine, but only the one located in Downtown Oakland on Clay, it has thee BEST energy and the most amazing people working there!)

 Image Source:  Shopstyle

Image Source: Shopstyle

4. Versus Oversized Pin Clutch I often drop down rabbit hole's on shopstyle pinning many of my findings to my 'Chic Only, Glamour Always' Pinterest Board. I stumbled upon this today & fell in love. I adore a good clutch, and I've always got my eyes peeled for cute easy one's that I can pair with an array of everyday things like my black and white faux fur or a 4 inch pump, you know simple wears.

 Image Source:  Letters Of Note

Image Source: Letters Of Note

5. Henry Miller's Love Letter To Anais Nin - K! so I live and die for Anais. Her 'Why I Write' piece captures the exactness of the altered state that I live in titled, my world. I stumbled upon the love story of her and Henry some time ago, in addition to her diaries. But just last week I ran across this Love Letter and have read it like 14x aloud since. . . because you know I'm obsessively strange like that. But I mean the sheer beauty of it! My goodness to love & be loved that deeply! What a romantic torture. I've naturally gone on to place 'A Literate Passion', the book from which this letter is derived, on my extensive Amazon wish list.

dbxco.about.section.2017. copy.png

6. The New DBXCO. About Section - (*air hair flip because I have a short cut but you know what I'm doing here) so the club is always in a state of constant change, as this is all still very new and will be getting improved upon often as we go, partially because that's the way site's go & partially because I am a psychotic perfectionist who is in love with the outcome of something visually one minute just to want it to be better in the next week. I know. . . Annoying. Try living it. 😩🙈 In any event as it stands currently I'm very much into what I've done here for the New About Section Layout! What say you, do we love?