Darling Bonnie's Obsessions | 1/30/17

 Image Source:  Clip Art Lord

Image Source: Clip Art Lord

 Image Source:  The Inquisitir

Image Source: The Inquisitir

K! So it looks as if one Miss. Oprah Winfrey will be sharing her ever amazing black girl magic journalistic broadcasting ways on 60 Minutes as a special contributor where she looks to, "bring relevant insight and perspective, to look at what separates us, and help facilitate real conversations between people from different backgrounds." YES! I AM HERE FOR IT. Just as much as I am here for this absolutely darling little cartoon clipart, pictured up above, that I found of her whilst randomly browsing google, isn't it marvelous?!??

2. Fausto Puglisi 100mm Ruffled Satin Mules W/ Bow

 Image Source: Chuck Miscellany

Image Source: Chuck Miscellany

Now this obsession really should come as no surprise as these appeared in the latest handbook post, 'Elle Woods At Harvard', & then again on my instagram video feed in which I indicated how obsessed I was with them. Very Sofia Coppola's 'Marie Antoinette' 😍 . . . and we all know how I feel about Coppola ANYTHING!!



3. Kenzo Mini Kalifornia Atomic Patches Bag

Well if you visit this Obsessions Section often, then you know all about me & Shopstyle rabbit holes. Came across this special little gem while hunting down items for a new space that's to be created here! Stay Tuned to find out what that's all about! In any event can't you just see yourself with this during a casual midweek 'Ladies Who Instagram At Lunch' date with a member of Le Crew whilst dressed in something darling with a subtle hint of edge and touches of androgyny? Yeah I can too!!


 Image Source: Vulture

Image Source: Vulture

*insert dreamy le sigh. J'adore A$AP ROCKY. He's one artist whom I feel has never lost his inner child or sense of true & pure creativity and nothing displays that better than his artfully decked out Instagram account. Full of debaucherous style boy time, high fashion, rap shows, amongst a slew of other brandable dope moments. I enjoy his style & brand a great deal, I find it to be a really good mix of hood meeting high class in some artistically driven vintagey vibe Universe. . . and I am still fully obsessed with that L$D record that he released 2 years ago.

dbxco -- obsessions--no8

Um hello it's Naomi Campbell! 90's Supermodel Supernova, full on icon, and obvious muse of mine. J'adore her. Just came across this cover via Pinterest & naturally I pinned it to one of my many boards dedicated to her kind, you know the gals responsible for setting the 90s ablaze. There weren't any supermodels more amazing, in my opinion, prior to the 90s Glamazons & there haven't been any since. . . this is non-debatable . . . because sure the others are good and good enough BUT they don't have the range. No one has surpassed the greatness of the modeling gals of the 90s, for them it was a full blown natural life and lifestyle. Nothing forced, nothing feigned they just so happened to be the peak point of the world of high fashion supermodeling reaching it's climax.

6. Celebutantes

Guys don't judge me. . . or do, really I'm careless about those sorts of things. But this is one of my all time fav books! I read it often but especially during this time of year when Oscar fever is arising amongst the masses, I take a trip into the fictional meets non fictional world of Lola Santisi and all of her mellow drama, meltdowns, name dropping, and glamour. It's an easy read and utterly fabulous, if you know anything about Hollywood & you're like me with an imagination that turns books into films as you read you'll enjoy it!