Darling Bonnie's Obsessions | 2/15/17


 Image Source:  Radio.com

Image Source: Radio.com

 Image Source:  Itunes

Image Source: Itunes

Have you heard this record? If you've been hanging around the club (& I do mean this club, not the 'go shawty it's ya birthday' club) then I'm certain you have as it was most definitely the track of the day yesterday & well into today, up until about a couple of hours or so ago. In any event I'm over the moon obsessed with it and feeling ready for summer each & every time I press play, which is movingsomewhere upward toward the mid 80s by now as I've had it on a loop since 2 days ago :)! With this record, Beyoncé gives life as Beyoncé is wont to do, sing-rapping catchy little diddys like "Don't try to slow me down" "All this good I don't feel bad for it" & of course "Money don't make me happy/ & a fella can't make me fancy/ We smiling for a whole 'nother reason/ it's all smiles through all 4 seasons" Word Bey! Word! & Hov doesn't fail to give me lines to stash away in a suede clutch (as Hov is wont to do) and pull out as verbal abuse in a battle of the wits against some idiotic gentleman who decides to try me. Currently I'm holding tight too, "I know you aint walkin round talkin down/saying boss sh*t when you a runner right?" I'm also totally into this line that references his hopes for the twins, "I want a boy & girl to fight for truth/whatever God give me I'm coo." Le smiling Sigh! Oh Hovi! You have gotta love him! Mostly you have to love him because #1 he's obviously amazing and #2 he's my favorite and that's non problematic, & I don't often find non-problematic favs but Mr. Carter has been doing me that favor for years & I appreciate it. Thanx Bey & Jay. & Of course thank you DJ Khaled, for this record of which we are all #Grateful !

2. Fiorucci

 Image Source:  Click Italia.Com

Image Source: Click Italia.Com

 Image Source:  Ozone Design Lifestyle

I have such a thing for this brand as it's vintage related and we all know how I fancy vintage but beyond that the brand was inspired by street fashion, art, food, and design, all of which are things that I thoroughly enjoy! I learned about it a couple of years back while reading Pam & Gela's 'The Glitter Plan' & naturally being the research nut that I am I immediately turned to google to find out all that I can about it, once hearing it referenced as the inspo that Pam & Gela wanted for the Juicy Stores back in Juicy's glory days, when I too was uberly obsessed with Juicy.  . .  so much so that I named my dog Juicy Couture. . . Ahh good times! Anyways since learning about Fiorucci from G&P I have had a full blown never waning obsession with the brand in addition to their ever amazing promotional graphics & I am also an unabashed fan of their Prosciutto & Mozzarella! I was elated to find recently that they've relaunched with new fashion products for these modern times and I was also happy to follow their current journey via Instagram. Best of luck with the relaunch Fiorucci, you certainly have the full support of Darling Bonnie (that is I :)) & Co!

 Image Source: Gucci

Image Source: Gucci

This dress is perfection! & obviously VDB (Very Darling Bonnie! Which btw's is a term that is getting it's own wing here at the club, stay tuned for that)! I mean I can just see myself frolicking about town doing everything from quick trips to the wine country straight into some upscale afternoon event and skating right into a dinner party all whilst outfitted in this divine little frock. Now would I do that? Well yes if I had too but I am quite the stickler for wardrobe changes throughout the day. . . I mean duh it's the vintage (and honestly very refreshing) way! Nevertheless this dress would get major play in The World Of Darling Bonnie's Wardrobe! As I am, you guessed it #Obsessed!

4. Dinner Diaries

 Image Source: Shopstyle

Image Source: Shopstyle

I have a confession to make you guys.  . . .  I'm a Dinner Party Junky🙊. . . a real one🙈 . . . I'm also a Brunch Junky but that's not relevant to the topic at hand. In any event whether hosting or attending it matters not, I LOVE a good Dinner Party! In fact you can read all about my love of Dinner Parties in the Darling Bonnie Social Diary Archives From 2015. I also have a thing for Assouline books, so when I discovered that they'd made a book that not only discusses Dinner Parties but provides Dinner Party Hostess tips from gals who really know how, and comes with things like seating charts, menus, and questionnaires oh yeah you better believe I was all over it !!!!! & good news now you can be too as this book is available in The DBXCO. 'Buy Yourself A Gift Shop'! . . . Yes, I know, I know you are all very welcome!

5. Miss. Spa Glitter Eye Mask


J'adore a good eye mask et vous? I mean who doesn't. But I especially love a good versatile warming & cooling eye mask for headaches, eye swelling & puffiness, and just generally relaxed self pampering days spent lounging in something like a marvelous sheer robe, amongst jazz music and fresh floral arrangements, with a champagne coupe full of purified water with a lemon wedge in hand, ya know?! Anyways this is adorable little glitter mask doodad is new to Ulta & I'm obsessed with the idea of it. I haven't tried it yet but I did put in an order for one, once it arrives I'll let you know how it goes!

6. Girl Scout 'Tagalong' Cookies

 Image Source:  Barstool Sports

Image Source: Barstool Sports

Everyone has a favorite Girl Scout Cookie and everyone gets super jazzed at this time of the year when they see those little uniformed officers with ponytails and badges outside of local establishments standing guard and taking dollars for these little bundles of heaven in colorful boxes! Don't ever front & say otherwise or you'll be struck down by some well badged cookie Goddess who revokes fortunes & detest lying. Now, Tagalong's are a favorite of mine & my sisters, we'd both kill and die for them on just about any day. My runner up has to be the Samoa! I understand not many are as in love with the Samoa's as I, which means, good more for me, because I certainly wouldn't turn you away from my doorstep for showing up with them & I'd definitely invite you in for a cocktail & my brand of twinkling conversation sure to change your life if ever you were to come thru with a box of Tagalongs. Yes the love is that real!