Darling Bonnie's Obsessions | 3/7/17


 Image Source:  Rap-Up

Image Source: Rap-Up

Oh Jidenna! How I do adore thee! Ever since the moment we met back in 2015 at Stanford's Blackfest, I've been an avid. . .  okay well moderately avid supporter 😜😂. Super into his latest single offering, 'Bambi'! A record in which I think a lot of Playboy types can lyrically & viscerally relate too. It's uberly melodic and reminiscent of Rat Pack Era greatness meeting modern day trap gods, yeah he definitely had a special recipe with this one! Very Darling Bonnie's 'Vintage' Circa 2012. More over I'm heavily into the visuals for said record: from Jidenna himself & each bit of his bae-worthy handsomeness 😍 (he's even still swoon worthy with the 'Sweaty Big Red Dangling Bird From The Balcony Hair' Ref. The Five Heartbeats), right on down to his impeccable wardrobe, which for this particular visual includes: a clean neutral bespoke 3 piece that meshes well with his skin tone, a rose gold flask, & an incredible digital age pocket watch . . . . This has #DBXCOVIBES written all over it so naturally I'm deeply into it! 😉

2. Tim Walker x Juicy Couture

 Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

From about 06-09 Tim Walker collaborated with then Juicy owners, Pam & Gela, to craft seasonal ad campaigns. The results, sheer color coded genius! I mean obvi I'm a bit biased as we've already covered the fact that I use to be shamelessly devoted to Juicy in the days of Pam & Gela, but another thing that I should throw out is the fact that I also heavily obsess over the work of Tim Walker often! The animation and exaggeration of his fashion photography often makes me feel as if I've been transported to some uncharted mystical realm full of well dressed misfits with goo gobs of personality and a ton of theatrical behavior. . .  and we all know how I'm into things of that nature.

3. Vetements x Juicy Couture

 Image Source: Refinery 29

Image Source: Refinery 29

Last year Demna Gvasalia & Co., the kids over at Vetements, got nostalgically crafty and released some modern day spins on past day greatness. One of the starlets of said spin was that little Juicy Couture collab that spawned enticingly colored velvet nuanced twin sets for the social media age, favored by insta-hot girl's Rihanna & Kylie, and also very much appreciated by myself & the gals here at the club who love a good vintage thing updated properly. This obsession isn't that current but is on topic and also lovely for modern days when one is feeling old school Juicy, you know?!

In the January 2017 issue of Vogue there's an amazing editorial titled, 'If The Shoe Fits', & there stooped heavenly within it is Vittoria Ceretti in a blazing blue ruffled Gucci dress with the most amazing and Darling Bonnie-esq pair of Art Deco style Gucci T-strap platforms on her feet, it twas love at 1st site !!! I mean if you frequent the club often it should be fairly obvi by now that I am head over heels for Gucci as it currently stands in Alessandro Michele's wonderfully artistic hands, it's almost as if he dreams of me at night and walks around daydreaming about me during sunshine hours and then crafts all of this marvelous wonder specifically for my life. They say if the shoe fit's wear it and I shall, & I shall wear it well!

5. Charcoal & Black Sugar Mud Mask

Kay, secret time and it's the best kind, a beauty secret !! The secret is: I'm soo deeply obsessed with facials & mask. The rejuvenation and pleasure that one can get from these types of things is supreme. As such I'm often trying new mask, to switch out the old mask, sometimes I whip up good batches of different tricks that I've learned over the years and other times I run into facial pampering goodies that I can't ignore while in a store. Such an incident occurred recently when I'd come across this utterly cheap Charcoal & Black Sugar Mud Mask and decided to give it a spin and let me tell you honey, what a lively spin it twas. Results weren't immediate, I'd done it on a late Monday afternoon and though my face felt refreshed I didn't recognize a difference in appearance. However upon waking up Tuesday AM I'd come to find a smooth detoxed face with a heightened skin glow (I drink a lot of lemon-mint water + moisturize with Palmer's shea butter to maintain said glow.) Naturally, I called Allie (my sister) immediately and told her she had to run out and get a few packs.

6. The Glitter Plan

Upon getting this book 3 years ago I devoured it immediately, as it was an easy, fun, and insightful read. Following that I'd read it another 3x for note taking and effect. I would have most certainly read it more only someone checked it out of the DBXCO. Library & never returned it, so I suppose I'm being led to having to purchase another copy because it's one that I can revisit time and time again. It's as if you're having Brunch at The Ivy with your two wildly stylish and crazy Aunt's as they tell you tales about the good old days in Pacoima and beyond when Juicy ran the world. They drop jewels about business, and fashion, their inspiration, and their scintillating one of a kind events that you're sorry you missed. It's sincerely a must read, for business & for life! Thank you Pam & Gela!